State Hospital Released From DOJ Oversight!

Removal of DOJ oversight puts VSH one step closer to re-certification, which, if occurs, will reclaim $10+ million in lost federal money, which can be put towards alleviating VT’s budget deficit. 

Congratulations to the entire VSH staff! You continue to spin gold out of straw.

VPR Reports On Coming Battle To Balance Vermont’s Budget

 "[Con] Hogan says whoever is governor will have an extremely difficult task. He says the state will be starting the third straight year with a budget shortfall – and with little prospect that federal stimulus funds will make up the difference as they have in the past."

Thoughtful Commentary About Misguided Attack On Public Sector Employees

"…the continued economic slump is causing unfortunate and unjustified — but very predictable — anger toward easy political targets. Public employees are prominent on the list of scapegoats. Acting on that anger is dangerous to those public employees themselves, and it is harmful to the country as a whole. The economy would be weaker, not stronger, if we listened to those who attack our public servants."

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