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April 30:

Senate Committee Votes For Pension Task Force Representation Balance!

April 22:

VTDigger: House Backs New Pension Bill With Addition Of Task Force

April 16:

VSEA Strongly Opposes House Bill To Create Pension Task Force

April 14:

Towne Tells Zoom Audience That House Gov Ops Committee’s Pension Task Force Proposal (Which VSEA Opposed) Passed Out Today On A 9-2 Vote. Next Up, Appropriations

April 13:

President Towne Hosting Two Zoom Meetings, Following Wednesday Vote

April 12:


April 9:

VSEA President Towne to Legislature: “Don’t Stack the Deck!”

April 6:

VSEA Member Pens Great Letter On Pensions

April 2:

Big Win. No Pension Reform This Session!

April 1:

VSEA Pension Proposal

March 26:

VSEA Sends Reminder Postcards To Lawmakers That Pension Dollars Keep Vermont’s Economy Sound & Improve It

March 29:

Protect Our Pensions! Rally & Car Caravan

March 24:
Speaker’s Pension Proposal

March 24
Quick Primer On Speaker’s Proposal

March 24
VTDigger: House Lawmakers Unveil Long-Awaited Plan To Address Pension Shortfall
VTDigger: Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Investment Patterns To Blame For Pension Problems

February 17:

VSEA Board Meets Again To Talk Pension Protection

February 10:

ACTION ALERT: Stand Up And Fight For Your Retirement! Contact Your Legislators Today!

February 8:

Board Meets To Review Pension Survey Responses: Issues Statement Opposing Treasurer’s Recommendations

Pension Follow-Up Zoom Meetings Scheduled

February 1:

VSEA President Talks Pensions On VPR’s Vermont Edition

Pension Survey Deadline

January 26:

Governor Delivers 2022 Budget Address. Year-Two Fully Funded, But Not Announced!

January 22:

VSEA Emails Important Survey To Membership, Looking For Input On Treasurer’s Pension Proposal

January 15:

More Than 250 Log On To Participate In VSEA-Sponsored “Protect Our Pensions” Webinar

January 8:

Upcoming VSEA-Sponsored “Protect Our Pensions” Webinars


December 31:

VSEA Hosting Informational Zoom Meetings On Pension Protection

December 18:

State Seeking  Pension Advice From Controversial Source

December 11:

State Treasurer Details Pension Pressures

November 20:

Asset Allocation Study Being Conducted On VT Pension Funds

September 15:

State Treasurer Cautions VSEA Members To Ready For A Pension Fight

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