VSEA Annual Meeting

VSEA’s 78th Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, September 10, 2022, at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. In addition to the members and retirees who attended the meeting personally, many other members attended virtually, via Zoom.

The body voted to approve an operating budget for the next fiscal year, and they voted to approve several bylaw changes. A dues change was also approved by the Annual Meeting attendees, as well as the Council and the VSEA Board of Trustees. The option approved was #3, which is:

“Straight percentage with no minimum or maximum: Dues will be set at 0.84% of an employee’s hourly pay rate, multiplied by their standard hours per pay period. This proposal would result in a dues decrease for some members and a dues increase for some members.”

VSEA will be emailing members soon with more details about the dues change.

Annual Meeting Documents:

View The 2022 VSEA Annual Meeting Warning Here

What Is VSEA Annual Meeting?

Each September, VSEA invites members to attend the union’s most important event of the year; its Annual Meeting. At the meeting, there is a discussion about VSEA’s operating budget, legislative priorities, and many of the other issues impacting VSEA members and your services. Often, these discussions and debates are followed by a vote by the full-body, and every active VSEA member in attendance gets a vote.

Annual Meeting Recaps: