The Benefits of VSEA Membership

Difference Between A VSEA Member And A Non-Member

BenefitsVSEA MemberNon-Member
Dues:0.9% of an employees’ hourly payrate, multiplied by their standard hours per pay period, with a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $27.
Labor-Management Committees:
Opportunities to serve on joint LMC to resolve worksite/department issues.
VSEA Trainings:
Gain skills in mediation, negotiation, leadership, political action, etc.
Participation in the Union’s Democratic Process:
Opportunity to serve on union committees, and bargaining teams, hold elected office and vote in union elections.
Bargaining Process:
Participate in actual contract negotiations, and vote on your union contract.
VSEA Events:
Special VSEA member events held throughout the year.  View the VSEA calendar.
VSEA Member Support Fund:
Monetary grants to assist members in financial need during serious illness or personal hardship.
VSEA Scholarship Awards:
Scholarships available to VSEA members and their dependents.  Learn more here.
VSEA Supplemental Insurance:
Member-only rates on dental, disability, accident, life, and other policies.  Learn more here.
VSEA Advantage Program:
Member-only discounts on goods and services such as skiing, clothing, automotive, insurance,
lawyer referral program, workers’ compensation advice, and more.  Learn more here.
Legislative Advocacy:
VSEA Legislative staff and members working for legislation to improve the working lives of all VSEA Members.
Yes No
Employee Representation Rights:
Representation by VSEA’s stewards, field representatives, and legal staff.
YesSubject to an hourly fee, per VSEA policy.
Contract Protection and Benefits:
Union negotiated wages, benefits, job security, and workplace justice.  View VSEA contracts here.

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