Union Representatives

The Role of VSEA Union Representatives and Stewards:

VSEA members facing a workplace or job-related issue are urged to contact a VSEA Steward first, before contacting your headquarters-based Union Representatives, who primarily provide members with the following services:

  • Assists with administration and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements negotiated by VSEA (Non-Management, Corrections, Supervisory, State Colleges, Judiciary, Defender General and Housing Authority);  
  • Responsible for case assessment, complaint and grievance activity, representation for internal employment investigations;  
  • Provides professional representation in Loudermill pre-termination hearings;  
  • Negotiates stipulation settlement agreements on behalf of members, and  
  • Attends worksite meetings on behalf of VSEA.

Do you have questions about the role of Union Representatives, VSEA Stewards, and how they can help you? Feel free to email VSEA HQ at vsea@vsea.org or give us a call at 802-223-5247.

VSEA Union Representative Staff:

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Gretchen Naylor, Director of Field Services,

Oversees VSEA’s Union Representatives


Union Representatives:

Rachael Fields




Health Access Eligibility Unit;

Department of Aging and Independent Living;

Department of Health;

Department of Mental Health;

Department of Vermont Health Access;

Green Mountain Care Board;

Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence;

Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital; and

Vermont Veterans’ Home.

Tom Hango




Agency of Digital Services;

Agency of Education;

Department of Finance and Management;

Department of Taxes;

Office of the Defender General;

Secretary of State’s Office;


Treasurer’s Office; and

Vermont State Housing Authority.

David Martinson




Agency of Administration;

Agency of Agriculture;

Agency of Commerce and Community Development;

Department of Corrections (South) & NESCF;

Agency of Human Services (Central);

Agency of Transportation;

Department of Environmental Conservation (ANR);

Department of Financial Regulation;

Department of Labor;

Department of Libraries;

Department of Motor Vehicles;

Department of Public Service;

Natural Resources Board;

Office of the Vermont Attorney General;

Office of the Vermont State Auditor; and

Public Utilities Commission.

Brian Morse




Department for Children and Families Family Services and Economic Services;

Judiciary Unit;

State Colleges Unit; and

Office of State’s Attorneys.

Mike O’Day




Department of Corrections – North (Except NESCF);

Fish and Wildlife – North;

Department of Public Safety (Williston PSAP);

Military Department;

Forrest and Parks; and

Sworn Law Enforcement – North.

Bob South




Buildings & General Services;

Criminal Justice Training Center;

Department of Liquor Control and Lottery;

Department of Public Safety – South (Westminister PSAP);

Emergency 911 Board;

Fish and Wildlife – South; and

Sworn Law Enforcement – South.

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