Our Structure

VSEA is a democratically-structured, worker-led organization. While the union employs a dedicated staff of representatives, organizers and other skilled professionals to assist the membership, the state employees who belong to the union are the ultimate authority over everything the union does. On this page, you’ll find information on a wide range of ways that you can become a leader of your union and connect with your colleagues who are already working to improve state services in Vermont.

Annual Meeting

Major decisions in your union occur at Annual Meeting, held every September, at which every active member of VSEA in attendance receives an equal vote.

VSEA Council

The Council is comprised of approximately 150 members elected from Departments, Agencies, and VSEA Chapters. In addition, the VSEA Chapter Presidents and the Unit Bargaining Chairs are members of the Council. VSEA Past Presidents and VSEACommittee Chairs are also members of the Council, ex officio and without a vote. The body meets quarterly to hear Committee reports, Unit proposals and to recommend action to the Board on matters concerning the budget, bylaws, legislation, and VSEA policy. The Council is largely a communications tool to disseminate information to the local Chapters and to State employees in Departments and Agencies across Vermont. It also approves and adopts a yearly legislative agenda.

The VSEA Council meets quarterly to guide the union and retains the authority to override the Board. Council members are elected every two years. To find a representative near you, click here for a full roster of VSEA Council members.

VSEA Board of Trustees


President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, and Clerk are elected bi-annually by the membership at VSEA’s Annual Meeting. These Officers, in addition to official duties, act as conduits between the Chapters, Departments, Council, Stewards, Staff, and members. They also sit on the VSEA Board of Trustees.

Unit Trustees

In addition to the Officers, the Board consists of Unit Trustees, District Trustees, and the immediate Past President. The VSEA Board of Trustees manages the operations of the organization. The Board considers proposals, resolutions, and suggestions from a variety of sources including, Staff, Council, Committees, Chapters, Departments, Units, and individual members. It also determines the organization’s future direction, aims, goals, and priorities. The Board is responsible for fiscal oversight, policy development, and the organization’s overall management.

Board of Trustees members are elected every three years (Except for the BOT Officers and VSC seat which hold elections every two years.) For the complete list of board members, click here.

Bargaining Units

By negotiating and enforcing contracts with management that clearly stipulate the rights we have as workers, VSEA members protect the opportunities and freedoms that we enjoy at our jobs and defend our rights to participate in the key decisions that affect our wages, benefits, and working conditions.  Currently, VSEA maintains eight contracts. To contact the workers responsible for leading each bargaining unit, click the links below:

Local Chapters

Sixteen Chapters representing regions of the State or large institutions are spread throughout Vermont. Chapters offer members the ability to join with other State workers and unify their needs and goals while developing community action, regional political education forums, and social activities.

To find out what’s happening near you, click here for more information about VSEA Chapters.

Member Committees

The VSEA President appoints members to a number of standing and ad-hoc Committees, all charged with investigating and developing policies and proposals in specialized areas or achieving specific goals, as designated by the President.

From planning events to resolving conflicts to meeting with Management to address concerns affecting a particular department, much of the work that union members do happens in VSEA Member Committees. Learn More About VSEA Member Committees Here.

VSEA Members Like You!

As a member, YOU are VSEA. As in any democratic organization, your interest, input, and involvement on all levels is crucial! VSEA is only as strong as its members. You have the knowledge and insight needed by your Officers, Board, Council, Staff, Chapters, and Stewards. Remember that VSEA’s success or failure depends on you!

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