St. Albans Police Arrest Man For Posting Threat In Response To Slow Delivery Of Food Benefit

Frightening story. VSEA is pleased this fellow was apprehended before potentially acting on his posted threat, which read, in part:  "If people don’t get their benifits and I find enough people, let’s just say, columbine was nothing.. Hunger, will make people do crazy things."

BGS, which is responsible for employee safety, is aware of the threat.

With Transistion Comes Hope…

"I think there’s a significant impact … in terms of employee morale," [VSEA Director Jes Kraus] said. "For the first time in eight years, employees know they will have a seat at the table with this governor, an open door to their concerns and their issues and someone they can work with."

VTDigger Digs Into Upcoming Budget Mess & “Challenges For Change”

"Though the state hasn’t hit the Challenges targets in fiscal year 2011, administration officials and members of the Government Accountability Committee deemed the Challenges process a success at a meeting on Monday."

But then again…

"In order to save an additional $1.25 million, the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living has proposed introducing a waiting list for cognitively disabled Vermonters who would otherwise be institutionalized, who are being exploited or abused or whose caregivers have died, according to Prime. She told lawmakers about 50 people would be required to wait for access to “essential” services."

Quote Of The Day!

Excerpted From 11/5 VTNewsGuy Blog Post:

"Actually, Vermont may have a center-right governor next year – Peter Shumlin. Either winner would have faced the same immediate dilemma: expected revenues next year will be some $110 million lower than anticipated revenue. Though not as ideologically – even viscerally – hostile to higher taxes as Dubie, Shumlin doesn’t want to raise taxes either. It would be bad politics, and bad economic policy (though not as bad as laying off more state workers)."

You got that right (the no more layoffs part!)

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