Shumlin Admin Will Target AHS & Education To Eliminate $150 Million Deficit

"[Sec’y of the Admin Jeb] Spaulding said he isn’t a big proponent of Challenges for Change, but something has to be done, and the incoming administration has cast its eyes on the two biggest ticket items: Education and human services."

No real specifics given, just generalities.

Sec’y Of The Admin’s Disturbing Reaction To Reminder Of State Employees’ 2007 Pension Fix

At a press conference today to announce Gov-Elect Shumlin’s pick for Treasurer, a question was asked about VSEA members’ agreement in 2007 to make changes to the pension system that then-Treasurer Spaulding said "would make the system sustainable." In response to the question, Spaulding grabbed the microphone and said "that was then, this is now."

Ouch! How quickly they forget!

VTDigger Posts Interview With House Speaker Shap Smith

Q. What do you think of the modernization process (for applications for food stamps, general assistance and the state’s subsidized health care programs)?

Smith: I don’t think you can describe it any other way than as deeply troubling.

New Study Grades States On Disclosing Corporate Tax Breaks

Vermont receives a D+

“With state legislators making painful political budget decisions, corporate tax breaks should be completely visible so spending for economic development should be transparent,” says Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First.

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