Gawker Commentary: “The Plan To Blame Unions For Everything”

"Unions are the perfect scapegoat: an organization that benefits a relatively small number of actual members, which a mass of disgruntled outsiders can be easily convinced to blame for their own problems."
How quickly we forget why our grandparents, parents and so many others fought and bled to form unions in the first place. Let’s not forget! 

VSEA ‘s Suggested Member 2011 Resolutions

  • Attend VSEA’s January 18 Legislative Open House
  • Volunteer to Help With a VSEA Event
  • Testify at the Legislature If There’s An Issue Important to Me
  • Get More Involved In My Local Chapter
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of My Local Paper
  • Write a Letter to My Elected Officials
  • Educate My Co-Workers about Issues/Events/Opportunities
  • Subscribe to VSEA “Week In Action” so I’m Up To Date
  • Provide VSEA HQ with My Home E-mail Address
  • Become a Steward/Council Member/Elected Officer
  • Join a VSEA Committee
  • Attend a VSEA Rally
  • March With VSEA in a Parade
  • Attend VSEA Annual Meeting in September 2011
  • Sign Up a Local Business to the VSEA Advantage Discount Program
  • Convert a Fee Payer
  • Inform VSEA HQ /Elected Officials About Perceived Fraud & Waste
  • Inform VSEA HQ About Private Contractors Doing State Employee Work, and
  • Help Make VSEA a Stronger Advocate For All State Employees  

    What’s your resolution?

U.S. Workers Earned Less In 2009 Than In 2008

"…the ‘wealth gap,’ which differs from the income gap because it measures total net worth, is now 225 times greater between the richest 1 percent and the median family net worth, and lest we forget, corporations are sitting on $1.93 trillion as of Sept. 30—up from $1.8 trillion at the end of June–and not using some of that money pot to create jobs." 

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