Sound The Alarm!!!! Gubernatorial Candidate Wants You To Switch To A Defined Contribution Plan!

In last night’s VPT gubenatorial debate, Brian Dubie (R) said the following:

“We’re going to have to look at pensions. We’re going to have to have the conversation like we had with the state teachers with our state employees. It’s a difficult conversation, but we’re going to have to do that. We’re going to have to think about going from a defined benefits to defined contributions.”

Please share this quote with your co-workers! VSEA members need to get out in front of proposals like this!

Note: Pilots belonging to Dubie’s own union (the Allied Pilots Assn.) are some of the last in the airline industry to still have a defined benefit plan–and the pilots are fighting hard to protect it!!!

Click To Read Letter To Members From VSEA President Bob Hooper!

VSEA Hears Rumor That October 11 Roll-Out Of Modernization Won’t Happen!

VSEA has received word from several members that the State’s planned roll out of its ESD modernization project on October 11 has been postponed because there are far too many glitches in the system.

One member wondered how much money the State has invested in training, lodging, meals etc, getting staff ready for the roll out, only to postpone it indefinately.

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