RIF’d State Employee Profiled By Associated Press

 Malcolm Matthew lost her job at the Tax Department. She’s a single mom with two children; one of whom recently deployed to Afghanistan.

"All the time, I’m reassuring him, I’m saying, ‘Everything’s fine,’ (when) I don’t know if I can pay my mortgage," she said.

There’s Gross Misrepresentation & Then There’s The Caledonian Record’s Editorial Page

CR’s Editors Insult Every VSEA Member Living In The NEK. Editorial Accuses VSEA Members Of Not Being Willing To Take A Pay Freeze To Save Jobs, When VSEA Members Actually Offered A Pay Freeze & More But Were Rejected By The Governor.

VSEA Members Urged To Correct Paper’s Bold-Faced Lie & Challenge Paper’s Journalistic Ethics–Or Lack Thereof.  

Update (June 16): Thanks to all the VSEA members who took time to post comments about the CR’s editorial(?). Keep on them. They owe all state employees an apology.

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