Seven Days Columnist Reports On Next Week’s JFC Hearing

"Kraus said the Douglas administration, despite its promise, has not met with labor leaders to work out a cost-savings plan that trims the state budget without putting people out of work."


"This is well-trod territory for state employees: Democrats giving Douglas the green light to cut workers based on a monetary target, not on ways to make government work more efficiently. The result? A body count, pure and simple, notes Kraus."

State Hospital Awaits News Of Request For Federal Recertification

If VSH Were To Be Recertified By Feds, Vermont Would Save The $9 Million-Plus Currently Being Spent By The State Due To Decertification. Yep. That’s $1.6 Million More Than The State Wants From State Employees To Balance The FY2010 Budget. Prayers & Finger Crosses Are Welcome!

Nice Reporting Here! 

Retirement Incentive Pool Increased To 330

But based on a preliminary study by the state, it seems likely the $2.2 million counted as savings in the state budget will be reached, [Lydia] McIntire said.

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