What You Should Know About The Anti-Worker Janus v. AFSCME U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

In June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the anti-worker Janus v. AFSCME lawsuit, which was brought forward by a right-to-work advocate, aided by corporate lawyers and funded by the wealthy elite. These people want nothing more than to increase corporate profits at the expense of hard-working Americans, perpetuating a race to the bottom across our nation. The Court ruled that public-sector union fair-share fees violated the plaintiff’s First Amendment right to free speech; a decision that overturned a 1977 SCOTUS decision in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education that had previously allowed such fees. The Court’s decision is dealing a massive economic blow to Vermont and all American unions, which was the plaintiff and his supporters desired outcome. Loss of revenue means loss of strength, and there’s no question that a weaker union will have an adverse effect on your livelihood and your quality of life. This is why it is so important for all union members to be educated–and be educators–about assaults on your union and your workplace rights, like the Janus decision.

If you haven’t already, begin educating yourself today about what the Janus decision means—or supplement what you know already. Please also inform your co-workers about this Janus page and talk with them about what you learned and remind them of the importance of a union in their everyday life. You could make a difference. Every study shows that nothing is more effective than member-to-member communication.​

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