VSEA’s 77th Annual Meeting Rules Of Order

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  1. The meeting shall be called to order at 9:00 A.M. or as soon thereafter as possible, and shall remain in session until the business has been completed, or until a recess has been declared.
  1. The President shall serve as Chairperson of the Meeting.
  1. The Chair shall appoint a Parliamentarian.  The Chair shall name a Monitor of elections and shall appoint sufficient Ballot Clerks.  The Ballot Clerks, when a standing or ballot vote has been ordered, shall count the vote and report results to the Chair.
  1. The meeting quorum shall be a majority of the registered member of the Annual Meeting for all issues related to budget, appropriation of monies and bylaws. For issues not related to the aforementioned, the meeting quorum shall be one-third of the registered members of the Annual Meeting.
  1. Any member failing to register at the Annual Meeting shall not be recognized by the Chair.
  1. If a member, while speaking, is called to order, the member shall take a seat until the question of order is decided.
  1. Should two or more members rise to speak at the same time, the Chair shall decide who is entitled to the floor.
  1. No member shall interrupt another in their remarks, except to raise a point of order, point of information, or a point of personal privilege. 
  1. A member shall not speak more than once upon any one question until all others who wish to speak have had an opportunity to do so. A member may speak a second time, after all others have spoken once on the same question. No member shall speak longer than two (2) minutes at any one time.
  1. Motion:

    (a).  A motion shall not be open for discussion until it is seconded and has been repeated by the Chair.

    (b). Only one amendment, and one amendment to the amendment, may be concurrently pending.

    (c)  A motion to reconsider shall not be entertained unless made by a member who voted with the majority and requires a two-thirds vote. It is debatable. If the motion prevails, this restores to the floor the motion which resulted in the action which has been reconsidered.

    (d). A motion to rescind requires a two-thirds vote. It is debatable.

    (e). A motion to lay on the table shall not be debatable, and requires a two-thirds vote.

    (f). No motion shall be voted upon until its author or introducer has had an opportunity to speak on it.
  1. Unless otherwise instructed by the meeting, matters “referred back to committee” shall mean referred to the appropriate standing committee of the VSEA or to a special committee to be appointed by the President of VSEA for further study. Said committee shall report its findings to the next Annual Meeting or as instructed.
  1. Candidates for Retirement Board office, if they wish to do so, will have two (2) minutes to speak at the meeting.
  1. A person other than a member shall be granted the privilege of the floor by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.
  1. Resolutions adopted at this Annual Meeting shall take precedence over any resolutions adopted at previous meetings.

In a situation when the above rules do not control, Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall prevail when not in conflict with the VSEA Articles and Bylaws.

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