VSEA FY’25 Budget Requests

February 23, 2024

VSEA’s Communications Department is letting members and retirees know what budget items top the union’s priority list as lawmakers work to craft an FY’25 state budget. Please review the list and watch for email and text alerts with requests for help, if needed. VSEA’s Legislative Committee thanks you in advance for your assistance.  

Save Salisbury Fish Hatchery 

Governor’s recommended budget would close the hatchery on June 30, 2024. 

Fully Fund the Vermont State University  

Governor’s recommended budget provides just half of the “bridge funding” needed. 

Fully Fund the Judiciary’s Position Request 

Governor’s recommended budget does not include 10 Judicial Assistants requested by the Judiciary to reduce backlog. 

Strengthen Public Safety & Reduce State’s Attorney Caseloads  

Governor’s recommended budget does not fully fund the Sheriffs and State’s Attorneys budget. Also, Governor is requesting to cut nine state’s attorney positions; a move that does not jibe with his public safety pledge. 

Extend “Position Pilot Program” or End Position Caps Altogether 

Asking lawmakers to extend the “Position Pilot Program” beyond FY25 or eliminate position caps outright The PPPP allows designated departments to hire budgeted positions beyond the number of classified positions explicitly authorized by the Legislature. 

Improve Retention & Recruitment at the Vermont Department of Labor

Asking lawmakers to convert nine limited-services positions in the Vermont Department of Labor. 

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