VSEA Executive Branch Units Reach Tentative Contract Agreement With State!

October 23, 2019

UPDATE (11/26/2019)

VSEA Executive Branch Units Overwhelmingly Ratify New, Two-Year Contracts!

UPDATE (10/23/2019, 5:11 p.m.)

I am pleased to report to you that VSEA’s Non-Management, Supervisory, and Corrections Bargaining Teams reached a tentative contract agreement with the State of Vermont on a successor contract. A short post about the agreement went up on VSEA’s Facebook page last night, which some of you may have seen. The agreement came at the end of the Teams’ second day of mediation with the State, and details are being withheld publicly until members can vet the agreement in private and then vote on ratification.

The State of Vermont and VSEA will be issuing a short, joint press release later today, simply saying a tentative agreement has been reached and nothing more.

Important! VSEA Labor Relations Director Gary Hoadley posted a summary of the tentative agreement to VSEA’s website. As always, members can read Hoadley’s summary in the "Members Only" section of VSEA.org. Only registered users can view it. Register Here  

After logging in to VSEA.org, registered members can navigate to the “Quick Links” panel in the left-hand column of VSEA.org. From there select “Negotiation Notes”. You can also access this section of the website directly here.

VSEA is thanking every Executive Branch Unit Bargaining Team member for putting in all the hours necessary to reach this tentative agreement.

As always, VSEA members are urged to contact a member of your Bargaining Team directly if you have a question or comment.

Steve Howard
VSEA Executive Director​


Original Post:

A second day of mediation culminated tonight with VSEA’s Non-Management, Supervisory and Corrections Unit Bargaining Teams reaching a tentative agreement with the State of Vermont on a successor contract. Details of the tentative agreement will be shared very soon with the membership and then a ratification vote will follow.

Pictured here signing the tentative agreement (at 7:30 p.m., by the clock on the wall) are (left to right) Supervisory Unit Chair Joe Silvestri, NMU Chair Bob Stone and Corrections Unit Chair Daniel Broe.

Congratulations to all the Teams on reaching tentative agreement and thanks to every Team member for putting in all the hours necessary to get to this point in the negotiating process.


For more information please contact a member of your bargaining team. You can also read "Negotiation Notes" From VSEA Director of Labor Relations Gary Hoadley (Log-in required).


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