VSEA District 6 Looking For Trustee!

VSEA District 6 includes White River Junction, Springfield and Brattleboro.


     The VSEA District 6 Trustee seat on the VSEA Board of Trustees is currently vacant. The VSEA Board of Trustees will appoint a VSEA member from the White River Junction, Springfield, or Brattleboro Chapter to fill the office until September 30, 2012.

     If you are a member in good standing from one of the above Chapters and are interested in being appointed to this Trustee seat, please submit a letter of interest and a brief summary of your VSEA activities to Katie Boyd at kboyd@vsea.org. The deadline to submit your name for consideration is July 12, 2010. If you have questions regarding the duties of a member of the VSEA Board of Trustees, you can e-mail Katie or call her at 498-1035.

     The VSEA Board of Trustees meets monthly and its members are expected to attend quarterly Council meetings and are assigned to Chapters in their area. Members of the Board also develop policies, the VSEA budget and handle the internal affairs of VSEA.