VSEA Chittenden Chapter Gives Back To Community

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November 14, 2018  

November 14, 2018  



Newly elected Chittenden Chapter President John Davy (pictured here) recently participated in the annual “Run Your Can Off” run/food drive. Prior to the event, he put the word out to the Chapter for donations and members responded, sending Davy enough donations to fill 30 bags (also picture here). Davy collected the goods in the name of the Chittenden Chapter.


"The run was great, and race organizers were happy to see me with more than 30 grocery bags of food and a dozen-plus pairs of shoes donated by Chittenden Chapter members, says Davy. "The run was a blast–a little rain, a little snow, and we finished with some sun. My VSEA ‘proud to be union’ shirt got a couple shout outs from fellow runners out on the trail, too."

Nicely done John and the VSEA Chittenden Chapter.

If your VSEA Chapter is participating in a local food, clothing, etc. drive, let VSEA HQ know by emailing vsea@vsea.org!


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