VSEA Call To Action — April 4 Fairshare Bill Public Hearing

VSEA Call-to-Action

One of the core principles of our union, Vermont State Employees’ Association, is fairness. We seek to achieve what is fair and equal in our workplaces, in our communities, in the political arena and within our union.

Earlier this session, members of VSEA had a decisive win when S.14, the Fair-Share bill, was voted out of the Senate with a resounding vote of 24-6.  This was a significant move towards the goal of ensuring that state employees continue to make gains at the bargaining table by requiring that everyone who benefits from the contract contribute their fair share.

Please click here for more background of the history of agency fee.

However, you haven’t won yet.

The legislation is now being considered in the House Committee on Economic Development, Housing and Military Affairs.  The Committee has announced a Public Forum to allow those in support of S.14 and those who oppose it the opportunity to speak. Join fellow state employees, teachers, municipal workers and many others at this crucial event.


Public Forum on S.14, Agency Fee bill

Thursday, April 4


Rm. 11 at the Vermont State House


Come at 4:30 to enjoy food and drinks.

The single most effective voice with your legislators is your own. Join your colleagues on April 4 in Montpelier to send a strong message that everyone should pay their fair share- it’s just the right thing to do.

 Can your colleagues count on you?

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