VSEA 77th Annual Meeting Concludes. Aimee Towne Re-Elected President

September 17, 2021

VSEA members met virtually last Saturday to conduct the union’s business for the upcoming fiscal year, which primarily meant adopting an operating budget for the new fiscal year and passing or defeating bylaw change proposals.

One highlight of this year’s meeting was the announcement of officer election winners by the VSEA Elections, Rules and Nominating Committee.

The winners were:

  • President: Aimee Towne (ESD)
  • First Vice President: Margaret Crowley (Judiciary)
  • Second Vice President: Leslie Matthews (DEC/ANR)
  • Treasurer: (DEC/ANR)Eric Davis
  • Clerk: Karen Marchant (Corrections)

Thanks to all the VSEA members who voted in this election!

Bylaw Proposals

At every Annual Meeting, members vote member-submitted VSEA bylaw proposals–or edits to existing bylaws–up or down. This process is initiated by the VSEA Bylaws Committee. You can find full descriptions of each bylaw proposal in the Annual Meeting warn here.

Here’s what happened:

Proposal 2021-C  
State’s Attorneys’ Offices Unit

  • Part 1 – Approved
  • Part 2 – Approved

Proposal 2021-D

  • Approved  

Proposal 2021-E

  • Approved

Proposal 2021-F
Presidential Elections

  • Voted Down

Proposal 2021-G

  • Approved

Proposal 2021-H
Master Bargaining

  • Approved

Proposal 2021-I 

  • Referred Back To Committee  

Proposal 2021-K 

  • Voted Down

In the elections for one full-time seat and one alternate seat on the State Retirement Board, the winners were Eric Davis (DEC / ANR), who retained the full-time seat, and Thomas Mozzer (Public Safety) who will be the alternate.

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