UNIONS BARGAINED BIG IN 2015! Meanwhile, In Vermont…

UNIONS BARGAINED BIG IN 2015 Meanwhile In Vermont

January 20, 2016


Unions bargaining new contracts in the first three quarters of 2015 did pretty well, the AFL-CIO says in a new report. Using data from a Bloomberg BNA analysis of contract settlements, the federation said that new contracts provided a weighted-average first-year raise of four percent (including lump sum payments), an increase from the 2.9 percent increase in 2014. “The final 2015 weighted average first-year wage increase could surpass 4.2 percent, the highest weighted average since 2001,” the federation said.

View the AFL-CIO’s full report here.

Meanwhile in Vermont, three VSEA Bargaining Units (representing thousands of state employees across Vermont, like the AOT members pictured here) remain in tough negotiations with the State on new successor agreements. It’s the first time in three contract cycles (under the current Governor) that VSEA members have been forced in front of a fact finder to plead their case.


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