Tim Lenoch

Tim Lenoch

Joining the VSEA family in December 2012, new VSEA Organizer Tim Lenoch sports an impressive resume of helping working Americans secure their collective bargaining rights and win the tough workplace fights, working in the past as an organizer for the Laborers International Union of North America, the United Professions Vermont/American Federation of Teachers and, most recently, the National Union of Healthcare Workers.


"I’m excited to be working for the VSEA and being able to help Vermont public employees fight back strongly against those who continue to try and strip away the rights and benefits that you have earned—and were promised," says Lenoch. "I’ve always believed that the fight for positive social and economic justice begins at the workplace. Positive change comes from a strong, member-run, rank-and-file membership that is committed to finding a balance between representing current members and organizing new members."


In addition to his labor organizing experience, Lenoch has also been involved in multiple community organizing and civic engagement campaigns, including a drive in the Vermont/New Hampshire Upper Valley and the much-publicized, public employee campaign in Wisconsin to defeat Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union agenda.


As far as what he wants to accomplish in his new role, Lenoch says he is most interested in "engaging employees at the worksite, helping them identify the issues and challenges that impede workplace justice and assisting them with organizing against the boss to win a stronger voice, dignity and respect, improved working conditions and progressively better contracts." When not organizing, Lenoch enjoys traveling back home to the Midwest or sometimes internationally, and he also likes spending time remodeling his house, growing food and being outdoors.