State Auditor’s Post On VTDigger Points Out Huge Flaw In One Of Gov. Scott’s Proposed “Efficiency” Moves Being Announced

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January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017



Update: Gov. Scott devoted a press conference to his Administration’s proposed "reorganization" of some state government functions. Here is what we learned(?)

  1. Not sure if there are dollar savings or not. Also not sure if it will cost more. Emphatic this exercise is about "efficiency," not savings;

  2. Do not agree with Auditor and other’s that reorg could create serious conflict of interests in some areas (see post below);

  3. Not sure what it will cost to rebrand the impacted agencies/depts.;

  4. The legislature now has 90 days to try and get some solid, reassuring answers or put the kibosh on the reorg.; and

  5. No employee will lost his or her job as a result of the reorg.
Now, back to VSEA’s original post….

According to a story on VTDigger, Gov. Scott will be signing "executive orders" to consolidate several services, including moves impacting Lottery, Liquor Control, DII and Labor. Details remain vague on impact, but in advance of Scott’s announcement, the State Auditor posted this about one proposed move:

"The Agency of Commerce promotes development. One of the important tasks of the Dept. of Labor is to run the Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation programs. Putting Labor into Commerce could create an internal conflict of interest between business advocates and those who regulate the behavior of employers in the labor market. As we saw with the EB-5 program, it may not prudent to have both functions under the same roof."

Good point Auditor.

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