Ski Area Leases of State Land Badly Outdated

VSEA launched a new series of ads this week to remind Vermont decision makers and average Vermonters about an investigation earlier this year by State Auditor Doug Hoffer that found several Vermont ski resorts were operating under the terms and conditions of some pretty outdated leases. Because of the lease terms, Hoffer said Vermont taxpayers were not receiving fair compensation from these operators (and, in some cases, their out-of-state parent company). Needless to say, if the State and others want to continue to slash services and hound VSEA members to open up their contracts to find Vermont some money, then VSEA strongly supports a similar ask of these ski resorts to renegotiate their outdated leases, especially given the increased profits they are earning
and banking.

The ad’s info page asks visitors to message the ski industry and lawmakers to ask for lease renegotiations. VSEA members are urged to help by sending your message.

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