Scenario Three

The VSEA Board of Trustees is asking members and retirees to respond to one or more of the following scenarios:

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Scenario Three: You’re a VSEA retiree who no longer knows if your next pension check is going to arrive or not. The State is not paying health care premiums.

"How will retirees without emergency funds pay their mortgages or rent or buy food and medicine?"


"Well I’m not one of these, so ill just use the space to bitch about how the good Mr. Scott just shoved a terrible contract down our throats only to double down on his bet and put us in the grievous position of possibly losing our health care entirely. My wife suffered a traumatic brain injury and is unable to drive, let alone work. Its bad enough we’re getting dicked around with perscriptions and health care costs. Now this. I dont know what we’re going to do.

I get the feeling Scott knows his political career is over, so, since he knows he cant get the vote for reelection anyway, why give a good God Damn who he walks on to push his agenda.

For the record, I’m a Conservative Republican. I’m not anti Scott because of party lines. I’m anti Scott because my supposed to be a good job cuz its a state job… is really more of a meh job. Im looking for work in the South West. I have to, we need a more stable work environment."


"That’s wrong. I work for the state 31 years. I deserve my pension check! I had to drop state Health insurance because deductible hikes going on."


"Absolutely awful"


"I feel the worst for this group."


"This is just wrong!"


"I can’t last too long."


"I am not a retiree yet, but these people must received their pensions that they worked for!"


"I’m not there yet, many years to go. But I pray those who worked hard to earn a pension do not have to suffer hardships at something that was completely avoidable. What sad and frustrating times we are in."


"Hire an attorney and file a lawsuit"




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