Why Some Kind Of Health Care Reform Must Happen

"Some suggest the rising cost of Medicare, the federal insurance plan for those aged 65 and older, will drive the national debt to a point of no return."
Thanks to efforts by labor in Vermont, our state could be a leader in figuring out the very expensive mess. Can’t sweep this problem under the rug. 

Senate Pro Tem Endorses VSEA Concept For New VSH!

In today’s Free Press, Senate Pro Tem Peter Shumlin Is Cited As Opposing A New Plan Introduced Yesterday By The State To Replace The State Hospital. The article reads:

"He suggested instead that the state bond for the money and build a new state-of-the-art facility in Waterbury."

This is good news as it would seem to indicate support for the VSEA plan introduced years ago!

VT Association For Mental Health Throws Support To VSEA Plan To Build New VSH In Central VT

In a press conference this morning at the State House, VAMH’s Executive Director Ken Libertoff announced his group’s frustration with the glacial pace of the State’s "Futures Project" as well as the ongoing cutting of funds for the community-based treatment that was intended to reduce the VSH’s average daily census. Liebetoff said:

"It is the recommendation of the VAMH that Vermont consider building a new, state-of-the-art State Hospital in central Vermont; one that is clinically solid, comfortable for patients and with an environment that promotes both quality treatment and recovery."

Senate Adopts “Challenges For Change” But Skeptics Not Confident About $38 Million Savings

"I voted against Challenges for Change because it strikes me as empty legislation," [Sen. Dick McCormack] told the Time Argus. "We have just passed a bill telling everybody to do their job. That strikes me as sort of empty and not a very good use of legislative time."

State employees left to wonder how the savings will be achieved if the Challenges For Change concept does not produce the savings being advertised.

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