NYT Reports: Safety Is Issue As Budget Cuts Free Prisoners

"In the rush to save money in grim budgetary times, states nationwide have trimmed their prison populations by expanding parole programs and early releases. But the result — more convicted felons on the streets, not behind bars — has unleashed a backlash, and state officials now find themselves trying to maneuver between saving money and maintaining the public’s sense of safety."

Story is relevant as Vermont legislature begins to explore "Challenges For Change" plan’s idea to release 350 "non-violent" Vermont offenders.

Wish We Were Kidding, But…

The following is from a memo explaining why a private company the State continues to contract with was not performing (yet, whose contract has since been renewed over and over FOR MORE MONEY):

* "Bring salaries into line with comparable positions within the State of Vermont";
* "Sustained high call volumes and increased call complexity have led to accelerated job burnout and staff turnover";
* "Salary rates are no longer competitive in the local labor market";
* "To increase our capacity to handle up to 1,400 calls per day with high levels of service, we propose to
hire four additional [staff];
* We propose" increased starting salaries, adjusting existing salaries across the board and adjusting supervisor salaries from low to high end"; and
* "We propose" the establishment of a training unit.

Looks like the State delivered in making sure this firm’s needs were met. Are you getting the same treatment in your workplace?

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