Vermont Lottery Awards New Contract To Company In…Greece?

Guess they heard Greece’s economy was bad and wanted to help?

New contract has sparked a public records fight worth watching. One of the main questions is "Is the bidding process with the State seperate from the actual contract negotiating process?"

Treasurer Spaulding Tells State He Won’t Be Using Marshal86 Spy Software To Monitor His Employees!

In a June 8 memo to the HR and IT head honchos, Treasurer Jeb Spaulding writes:

"After careful consideration, I have elected to implement the site blocking component office-wide but to limit the site monitoring to my deputy (Beth Pearce) and me. I will not agree to the site monitoring or the establishment of a database with the ability to collect such information about our staff, as I believe it undermines the trust we have developed and is, in fact, counter to the establishment of a productive work environment."

Kudos to the Treasurer for standing up for his employees! Others???

State Preparing To Give IT Systems An $18 Million Overhaul, But…

No breakdown of how the $18 million will be spent. Hopefully, a plan exists, but none seen yet.

Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Susan Bartlett (D-Lamoille) is quoted in the story saying state employees won’t be losing jobs as a result of the technology overhaul. Instead, she said affected employees will be retrained and moves will be made through attrition and not layoffs.

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