VSEA Scores Major Win on Pensions, Secures Balanced Pension Taskforce

From the virtual State House:

“In yet another major victory in the ongoing pension fight, your union— the VSEA— has secured legislative support for a balanced Pension Taskforce. The Pension Taskforce will have six voting members from the three affected labor unions, and six voting members who are not members of those unions. This means your voice won’t be able to be ignored on this crucial panel.

A final vote by the Committee of Conference will occur via e-mail later today, but the members of the Committee agreed on the balanced proposal in their meeting this morning. The next steps will be the Vermont House of Representatives and Senate adopting the Conference Committee report, and then sending the final version of the pension bill, H. 449, to the Governor.”

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They’re Back… Well-Funded, Corporate Group Funding Mass Anti-Union Mailing

VSEA is aware that the Freedom Foundation–a well-funded, corporate, anti-union group from outside Vermont–is once again sending emails and letters to VSEA members to promote the group’s anti-union, anti-worker agenda. Each time this group tries to peddle its propaganda here in Vermont, VSEA reminds members that there are so many good reasons for VSEA members to ignore this group’s email and letter.

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Reminder About Upcoming Board Of Trustee Elections

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Message from VSEA President Aimee Towne

Good Evening VSEA Union Family,

Your VSEA Board of Trustees met this evening to discuss a sensitive issue that has the potential to impact our union. It has come to our attention that the VSEA Corrections unit is being actively pursued for potential decertification from our union.

VSEA stands by and works to support each of our members in every unit, every day. While this news is upsetting, our union is poised to continue to provide the best service possible to all of our members and will fight any attempt of any union that works to fracture us.

In the coming weeks, VSEA will be engaging in meetings with our Corrections members to better assess the situation.

Every member should feel valued and heard, regardless of unit or worksite. Please reach out to your unit executive committees, bargaining teams, steward or Board of Trustees with any comments, questions or concerns.

We are the union, each and every one of us.

In Solidarity,

Aimee Towne

VSEA President

VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: May 7, 2021

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They’re Back… Well-Funded, Corporate Group Funding Mass Anti-Union Mailing

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In Memoriam

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