2023 VSEA Legislative Dinner Schedule

Photo from a 2020 VSEA Legislative Dinner. This year, members and retirees will be able to meet with lawmakers in person again. 

For the first time since the COVID outbreak, VSEA’s Legislative Committee will again be hosting a series of legislative dinners at VSEA’s headquarters in Montpelier, in addition to continuing to offer members and retirees the option to participate online. The dinners are a great way for members and retirees to meet with key decision-makers outside the State House.

Here is the 2023 schedule with dinner topics. All start at 5:45 p.m. 

  • January 18 – Staffing Shortages and Policy Challenges
  • January 25 – Anti-Privatization
  • February 1 – Safety and Security
  • February 8 – Medicare Advantage

Specific Zoom log-in information for each dinner can be found here. VSEA.org login required.

Note: Retirees are encouraged to save the February 8 date, as this dinner will address Medicare Advantage.

VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: January 6, 2023!

2023 Legislative Session Begins

2023 VSEA Legislative Dinner Schedule

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VSEA Executive Director Explains VSEA’s Opposition To Medicare Advantage To WDEV Vermont Viewpoint Host

VSEA Executive Director Steve Howard appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Vermont Viewpoint (WDEV’s main morning show) to talk about the membership’s steadfast opposition to any attempt to place retired state employees in a Medicare Advantage plan. Howard also addresses a host of other issues, including the pension fight, corrections issues, and understaffing statewide.

VSEA segment begins at 46:50. Listen Online Here!

VSEA’s Legislative Team Readies For New Session

When the gavel bangs tomorrow, launching the beginning of the 2023 legislative session, VSEA’s legislative team of (pictured left to right) Tom Abdelnour, Vince Illuzzi, Steve Howard, and Adam Norton are ready to return to the State House to ensure the voices of Vermont state employees and retirees are heard in the building’s hallways, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and chambers. Throughout the session, VSEA members and retirees are always encouraged to come to the State House to help VSEA’s team provide lawmakers with the face-to-face employee and retiree contact and testimony they consistently say they desire.

2023 VSEA Legislative Priorities:

  • Protecting and Enhancing Retirement Security
  • Securing a Budget that Maintains Vital Public Services
  • Preventing the Privatization of State Services
  • Enhancing Employee Safety and Security, and Improving Working Conditions
  • Achieving Fair Treatment for Temporary Employees
  • Defending Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Protecting Our Health Care
  • Collaborating on Solidarity Issues

Happy New Year VSEA!

Suggested Resolutions:

  1. Attend a Chapter Meeting
  2. Join the VSEA Council
  3. Become a Worksite Steward
  4. Join VtPAC
  5. Testify at the State House, If Needed
  6. Attend VSEA Annual Meeting in September 2023
  7. Run for a VSEA Elected Office
  8. Talk to a Non-Member about Joining VSEA
  9. Join a VSEA Committee
  10. Oppose Any Attempt to Move Retirees into Medicare Advantage
  11. Join VSEA Campaign to Address Understaffing Statewide

This is just a partial list of VSEA-related resolutions. What would you add? For more information on how to get involved in your union, please email vsea@vsea.org or call 802-223-5247

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