VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: October 16, 2020

This week’s WIA features stories about openings that currently exist across VSEA, including the First Vice President post, several Judiciary Unit positions, and two VSEA Chapters needing officers. VSEA urges members who aren’t currently active in VSEA to consider these open positions or any others in the future.

Vets’ Home Members Make Their Case Against Management To Facility’s Board

President Towne Officially Certified. Search Begins For New First Vice President

President Towne Posts First Video Update

VSEA Chapters Schedule Meetings To Elect New Officers

VPCH​ & MTCR Member 10/21 Zoom Meetings

Judiciary Unit Casting Net To Fill Unit Vacancies

Special Meeting To Discuss Dues Proposal Is October 25!

State’s Free Flu Clinics Open & Operating

Quote Of The Week!

Iowa Public Employees Look To Continue String Of Re-Certifying Their Union(s)

Report Ranks States By Amount Of Land Owned By Feds

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State Treasurer Cautions VSEA Members To Ready For A Pension Fight

At VSEA’s 76th Annual Meeting, VSEA members participating were greeted by State Treasurer Beth Pearce, and she cautioned state employees to begin preparing (again) for a renewed attack soon on state employees’ defined benefit pension plan. Actually, Vermont’s own pension Chicken Little, David Coates, has never stopped his now decade-long campaign to convince lawmakers to implement a 401K plan for new hires to state government. Mind you, the last time VSEA checked, a majority of exempt state employees (read: not VSEA members), when given a choice, chose a defined benefit pension plan.

Pearce did stress that she is unsure right now what action(s) state employees could be asked to make to shore up the pension fund, but she warned it could include a call for employees to increase your contribution. Pearce promised to keep us informed, and she vowed to continue to fight alongside VSEA members to protect your pension.

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​VSEA President Posts First Weekly Video Update

Today’s video post from newly elected VSEA President Aimee Towne​ is the first video update she’ll be sharing with the membership weekly. New updates will post every Monday morning at roughly 10:30 a.m.

Towne says she will be covering some of the content contained in the previous Friday’s Week In Action newsletter, as well as providing members and retirees with any calls to action, urgent needs, updates from the State House, pension news, and whatever else important is on VSEA’s radar screen.

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