Three Simple & Sound Reasons Lawmakers Must Override The Governor’s Veto Of S. 286

  • S. 286 reduces the unfunded pension liability by a record $2 billion.
  • S. 286 will generate nearly $30 million in increased employee contributions.
  • S. 286 addresses the long-overlooked underfunding of the retiree health care system.

Call The Sergeant-at-Arms Office: 802-828-2228

Leave a message for your House Representatives and your Senator asking them to:
“Vote to override the veto of the Pension Bill— S. 286.”

You can CLICK THIS LINK to find your legislator.

ACTION ALERT! Save The Pension Bill NOW!

Governor Scott has vetoed the bipartisan pension bill that was supported unanimously by a pension task force that included a member of his Administration. After months of hard work to forge this bipartisan deal, where hundreds of Vermonters from across the state weighed in, the Governor has put it all at risk with this last-minute political stunt. If the Legislature doesn’t override the Governor’s veto, the pension deal will collapse.

We can’t let that happen.

Call your legislator NOW and ask them to:

“Vote to override the veto of the Pension Bill— S. 286.”

You can CLICK THIS LINK to find your legislator.

Make your voice heard on this important issue— before it’s too late!

Don’t forget to pass this along to your colleagues! Every voice counts!

VSEA Blasts Governor’s Pension Veto

VSEA released the following press release this afternoon:

VSEA President Aimee Towne said the union is furious about Governor Scott’s veto this afternoon of pension legislation, which was crafted in a months-long process by a Task Force and subsequently passed by the Senate and then approved unanimously by the House. 

“As we have said since the Governor first threatened to veto this critical legislation, it is so wrong for him to come in at the last minute and blow apart months and months of hard work by a talented and diverse group of individuals, including a representative of his own administration,” says Towne. “And for what? All to appease a small group of wealthy Vermonters? The Task Force legislation was fair and had been fully vetted, unlike the Governor’s proposal,  which his own representatives recently admitted to lawmakers they could not attach hard numbers to. This is a shameless move by a man who once said a deal is a deal because of the way he was raised. VSEA will put every resource our union has into working with lawmakers, other unions and supporters to override Governor Scott’s last-minute obstructionism.”  


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