NMU, Corrections & Supervisory Unit Sick Leave Banks All Urgently Need Donations!

The NMU Sick Leave Bank Committee is urging VSEA NMU members to donate some much-needed time to the NMU Sick Leave Bank before the donation period closes on June 30. VSEA representatives on the Committee report that the hours are desperately needed to ensure there will be enough to cover an increasing amount of NMU member requests. There is an urgent need now!!

Your donation of “personal” and/or “annual” leave makes a difference in the lives of fellow State employees faced with catastrophic illnesses or injuries.

The Committee traditionally gets more requests for help during the rugged winter months than at any other time of year. If you are able to donate anything, even as little as 1 hour of time, it will make a difference.

Donate Online Here!

Note: Donation periods are held twice per fiscal year, as determined by the joint unit Labor-Management Committees that operate the Banks. Currently, the donation periods are April – June and October – December each year. Unit members may donate up to 50% of their accrued Annual Leave and up to 100% of their accrued Personal Leave, but they must retain at least 10 days (80 Hours) of Annual Leave after such donations are made.