NMU Bargaining Team Seeking New Clerk!!

Submitted by NMU Chair Terry Lefebvre:
           Becky McGurl has found it necessary to resign her position as Clerk for the Non-Management Unit. The Bargaining Team members extend their thanks to Becky for serving as Clerk during the past year. Since the onset of negotiations is imminent, it is essential that this position be filled immediately.
            The NMU Bargaining Team Clerk is responsible for attending all meetings of the bargaining team.  These meetings include training, planning and actual negotiating sessions. The Clerk must be able to take accurate notes and have them transcribed and available to the team by its next meeting, which, during the bargaining session, can sometimes be the next day.
            The Clerk is allowed “administrative leave with pay” to attend these meetings; however, there is no other monetary compensation for this position and the Clerk does not vote at team meetings or during bargaining.
            The person appointed to this position will retain this seat until the contract that is currently being negotiated (contract to be effective 07-01-13) is ratified by the membership. Since this seat is being filled only for the duration of the current term, it will be filled by Executive Committee appointment.
            If you are interested in helping your fellow NMU members in this very essential position, please send a letter of intent including your current position, years of state service, years as a VSEA member and why you feel you are qualified to fill this position. This letter should be addressed to:
Terry Lefebvre, NMU Chair
PO Box 518
Montpelier, VT 05601
            Letters should be received at VSEA Headquarters no later than Friday, September 2, 2011.  If you have questions regarding this position, please call Terry Lefebvre at 865-1329.