Member Support And Solidarity Committee

Committee Chair: Roy Catella,

Members Serving On Committee:

  • John Gauthier
  • Tyrel Kerr
  • Leslie Matthews
  • Billie Neathawk

Member Support Fund Application (PDF)

The Committee will meet as needed, prior to scheduled VSEA Board of Trustee meetings  – to review any pending applications.  Committee meetings will normally take place via conference call to limit costs associated with the work of the committee.

All information received or collected by the committee relating to a member’s personal situation is confidential, and any breach of this confidentiality will result in a referral of the person divulging information to the VSEA Judicial Board.

Committee Goals:

The Committee will:

  1. Distribute, collect and review in confidence all member support applications.
  2. Make recommendations to the VSEA Board for financial grant awards to members in documented need, based upon the criteria approved by the VSEA Board and Council.
  3. Develop a list of possible additional resources for members who may be applying to the committee based upon the criteria.
  4. Annually review the policy, and solicit membership and staff input into the review, and make recommendations to the VSEA Board and Council for any revisions to the member support policy.
  5. Annually review the written rules for committee to use as qualification guidelines and eligible items for reimbursement, and present these to the Board of Trustees for approval.

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