Legislative Committee

Committee Chair: Leona Watt

VSEA Staff Liaisons:

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Samara Anderson
  • Brendan Atwood
  • Jonathan Goddard
  • Bee Hesselbach
  • Jacklyn Hickerson
  • Rep. Robert Hooper
  • Nicole LaBonte
  • Rose Lucenti
  • Nicholas Marinelli
  • Dr. Leslie Matthews
  • Eliza Novick-Smith
  • Anne Rich
  • Brian Smith
  • Kristina Sweet
  • Aimee Bertrand
  • Ferron Wambold
  • Ashley Wentzell
  • Kathryn Wrigley
  • Sirena Zahn

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President.

Requests for changes to the schedule, or additional meetings, must be approved by the President.

Committee Goals: 

The committee shall meet not more than 6 times each year, of which 4 of the meetings shall be between the months of September through May.  Members must have an interest in legislation and politics, and be willing to assist with the following tasks:

  1. Assist with soliciting membership input into the legislative agenda.
  2. Contact members and retirees to solicit their assistance in promoting VSEA’s legislative agenda.
  3. Contact legislators to promote VSEA’s agenda through methods such as: phone calls and phone banking, letter writing, letters to the editor, attending public hearings, attending committee hearings, testifying, organizing rallies, sponsoring and organizing membership meetings with legislators at chapters and legislative breakfast meetings, etc.
  4. Assist in identifying articulate member witnesses and compilation of relevant materials, for presentation to legislative committees, as requested by VSEA lobbying staff.  Assist with research on legislative issues, as assigned by VSEA lobbying staff.
  5. Work with VSEA Organizer/Trainer to identify member-training needs relating to understanding the legislative process and lobbying. 
  6. Work with VT-PAC, Board and staff on preparing recommended endorsements for legislative and statewide offices. 
  7. Committee members should coordinate with chapter presidents and field staff to attend one chapter meeting during the legislative session to promote membership participation in legislative issues and agenda.

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