Join The Picket Against Scott Walker!

May 30 at 5:00 p.m.
In front of the Burlington Hilton at 60 Battery Street


  • 5:00 p.m. – Meet in front of Battery Park stage.
  • 5:30 p.m. – March Down Battery St. to the Hilton Burlington.
  • Picket in front of hotel and rally across street.
  • 7:15 p.m. – Picket / rally concludes

The Vermont labor community is planning a picket outside the Hilton Hotel in Burlington on May 30. That night, notorious anti-union, ex-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is speaking at a fundraiser at the hotel, sponsored by the Vermont Republican Party- with some VIPs shelling out $1,000 a plate. Walker’s visit comes eight years after working Vermonters and their unions, including VSEA, participated in an anti-Scott Walker solidarity rally to support Wisconsin workers, who were under attack from their governor (Image is from the 2011 rally).


Here’s why you should join the picket called by Vermont’s unions and progressive organizations.

Walker is a Paid Agent of the 1 Percent. Billionaires Charles and David Koch and their pro-business front groups poured millions of dollars into Walker’s Gubernatorial campaigns in Wisconsin.

Walker Busted Unions. As Governor of Wisconsin, he enacted a law that stripped public sector unions of their right to collective bargaining and blocked private sector unions from collecting agency fees from workers they represent.

Walker Attacked Programs for Workers. He prevented any increase in the minimum wage, rolled back enforcement of equal pay protections, and purged thousands of Wisconsinites from the state’s Badgercare health insurance program.

Walker Privatized Public Education. He carried out the largest per student K-12 education cuts in the nation and redirected public funds towards private charter schools.

Walker Enforced Racial Inequality. He worked to suppress the Black vote, removed artwork depicting Black freedom fighters Like Martin Luther King, Jr. from public buildings, backed police in cases of brutality, and his austerity measure had disproportionate impacts on Black people.


Walker Opposed Women’s Rights. He repealed a law that enabled women to challenge wage discrimination in court. He supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade and the denial of women’s right to choose even in the case of rape or incest.

Walker Attacked LGBTQ Rights. He opposes gay marriage and even supported a constitutional amendment to ban it. He denounced the Boy Scouts when they ended their ban on gay troop leaders.

Walker Attacked Immigrant Rights. He backed Trump’s Islamophobic and anti-immigrant travel ban, opposes progressive immigration reform, and supports Trump plan to build a border wall across the US border with Mexico as well as another one along the border with Canada.

Walker Put Profit Before the Environment. He stopped efforts to develop renewable energy, challenged regulations on carbon emissions, supported the Keystone XL pipeline and dramatically expanded Wisconsin’s mining industry regardless of the health consequences to Native Americans and rural Wisconsinites.


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