In Memory of Lara Sobel

in memory of lara sobel

On August 7, 2015, DCF employee Lara Sobel was leaving her office to begin the weekend. Sadly, she never made it to her car, as her life was violently and tragically ended by a client.
Lara is survived by her husband Tim and their two daughters. They are working through their loss and grief as best they can, but it’s been tough and they still have basic needs that cannot be ignored. These include things like childcare, groceries, transportation and even simple house cleaning.
To those who have expressed a desire to donate to the basic needs of Tim and the girls, you may donate at the link provided on this page.

This tragedy has united our greater Vermont community in sorrow and in action, and VSEA thanks you for your generosity and support for Lara’s family in the wake of this unfathomable event.