How Quickly VT Court Administrator Seems To Have Forgotten Why She Won An Award From A Woman’s Group In 2010

June 21, 2016



Patricia "Pat" Gabel is the current Vermont Court Administrator, or head of the Judicial Branch. In 2010, the Stowe Reporter published a story about her, titled "Patricia Gabel Recognized For Leadership."

The story is about Ms. Gabel being honored in 2010 by the prestigious women’s advocacy group, the International Women’s Forum of Canada. She won an award for her commitment to identifying and promoting women leaders in the workplace.

Segue to 2016, and Ms. Gabel finds herself as the target of a campaign by approximately 100 Vermont VSEA Docket Clerks (all but two of whom are women) to address the Judiciary’s steadfast resistance to addressing the continuing impact of historic wage discrimination for this overwhelmingly female workforce. She continues to prevent the Docket Clerks from bargaining over any pay increase over the cost of living. She has also prevented them from achieving a fair system of appeals to ensure that they are appropriately classified and paid for the work they do.

Help VSEA Docket Clerks convince Court Administrator Pat Gabel to support this fight for wage fairness by a group of Vermont workers who are mainly working women; many on public assistance to supplement their meager pay.

VSEA Docket Clerks are working to elevate their public campaign about their low wages, and all VSEA members and the public are urged to help this group of workers by continuing to share the Docket Clerks’ open letter to Court Administrator Pat Gabel, which can be found here.

Thanks for your support and your help with educating all Vermonters about the economic plight of this group of workers.

> Read the Stowe Reporter story




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