Corrections Employees Cite Having To Work With Inadequate PPE As Further Justification To Receive Hazard Pay

PPE VSEA Corrections members use every day.

Last week, VSEA Corrections Unit members sent a second batch of personal worker appeals to the Governor, each educating about the toll the Scott Administration’s decision to end hazard pay is taking on employee morale. It was a continuation of VSEA Corrections Unit members’ campaign to send new and different batches of testimonials to the Governor every week for the next four weeks; each batch focused on a new organic theme. 

The goal of this week’s third batch of testimonials is to personally inform the Governor about the fears many VSEA Corrections members have when ordered to perform their COVID-related duties without the benefit of proper and approved personal protection equipment (PPE). 


“At one point, several officers were sharing one gown that was taped together. Now, we have several gowns but we have to dunk them in bleach water after each use. I always go home wondering if I was safe enough, as some of the officers in my facility contracted COVID, and, in some cases, gave it to their family.”

VSEA is pleased to share these additional excerpts from the third batch of CO testimonials that were sent this morning to the State.

VSEA invites members and retirees to help VSEA’s COs get their hazard pay reinstated by sharing these worker stories with your colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors. You can also call the Governor’s Office and lobby our local lawmakers to step up.