Be Thinking About What Would Be An Appropriate Memorial To Vermont State Employees

In the last legislative session, a bill was passed to honor the quality services provided by Vermont’s state employees with the creation of a “State Employees’ Service Memorial.” A memorial planning committee has been formed, and it is charged with coming up with some ideas for a fitting and proper tribute to state employees.

To familiarize you more with the project, here is the Capital Bill language: 

Sec.25. Employee Service Memorial

·      The commissioner of buildings and general services, in consultation with the commissioner of human resources and an association representing Vermont state employees, shall develop a plan to honor the services of past, present, and future Vermont state employees with an appropriate memorial.  On or before January 15, 2013, the commissioner of buildings and general services shall recommend a future location for an employee service memorial and provide estimated costs to the general assembly.

·      The commissioner of buildings and general services may accept donations for the administration, materials, creation, and maintenance of the service memorial.         

Between now and the upcoming Dec. 18 Council meeting, please share your memorial ideas with your VSEA Council member. Your Council members will be identified soon with pins reading “VSEA Council Rep.” We want any and all ideas.

The final memorial decision will be made by BGS Commissioner Michael Obuchowski, VSEA First Vice President Shelley Martin, BGS Principal Assistant Wanda Minoli and DHR Director Tom Ball.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

In Solidarity!

Shelley Martin
VSEA First Vice President & Council Chair