VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: April 19, 2019

DOC member Steffen Flibotte poses with the VSEA coffee mug he recently earned by signing up five new members to his union, as part of a union-wide membership recruitment drive happening right now.


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VSEA BOT Calls On VSEA Members To Support Stop & Shop Striking Workers By Boycotting Sister Grocery Store Hannaford 

The VSEA Board of Trustees met Tuesday, and they are asking VSEA members to show solidarity with striking UFCW Stop & Shop workers in three New England states by boycotting the chain’s sister market, Hannaford.

Let Hannaford know you’ll be shopping elsewhere until the S&S strike is resolved. Click here to leave feedback

Suggested Feedback Language:

“I will not be shopping at Hannaford until your parent company, Royal Ahold NV, meets the demands of the striking Stop & Shop workers of the U.F.C.W. Locals 328, 371, 919, 1445, and 1459. I stand with these workers, and will not be spending any money at Hannaford, nor any of Royal Ahold’s other holdings, until the U.F.C.W. workers are given a contract that values and honors their hard work.”

Thanks for your support!

Short Survey: What Time Would You Like WIA To Publish On Friday’s?

VSEA’s Communications Department is asking for your help. In an effort to reach the largest audience possible with your union’s in-house, weekly, online newsletter, VSEA Week In Action, the Department put together a very short survey to determine the best time to publish on Friday’s. Currently, WIA publishes mid-afternoon (2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) a majority of the time. 

VSEA 2019 Election Materials Being Mailed May 1

On May 1, VSEA’s Elections, Rules & Nominating Committee is sending a mailing to all eligible VSEA members, detailing this year’s important leadership elections and explaining the process to become a candidate, which includes submitting a petition that will be included with the mailing. 
The following union leadership posts are up for election in 2019:

  • VSEA President
  • VSEA First Vice President 
  • VSEA Second Vice President
  • VSEA Treasurer
  • VSEA Clerk
  • District 1 Board Seat (Central Vermont, Barre)
  • District 2 Board Seat (Waterbury, VPCH)
  • District 5 Board Seat (Rutland, Bennington)

Keep your eyes on VSEA’s website, Facebook page and future WIA’s for more information about the elections and the upcoming membership mailing.

The winners of each election will be announced at this year’s VSEA Annual Meeting in Okemo

VSEA Leader & Activist Ken Bortell Passes Away. Service Is Tomorrow 

Bortell Memorial Service
Saturday, April 20
3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
530 Exchange Street

In late 2017, longtime VSEA activist and leader Ken Bortell revealed to his union brothers and sisters that he was battling a serious illness, and VSEA is sad to report that, despite a brave fight, Brother Ken passed away on Sunday. Rest in peace Ken. Condolences to your family, friends and colleagues. Bortell was a 15-year BGS employee.

Here again is the letter Ken penned to his VSEA brothers and sisters just after being diagnosed in 2017, thanking them for their support and explaining why–for the first time in many years–he was not able to attend VSEA’s Annual Meeting that year:

"My name is Ken Bortell, and I am a Union brother. When I think of my union, I think of our hard work for the good of all of my union brothers and sisters. The work we do now benefits our entire membership and the brothers and sisters who are not even here yet. Honestly, I never think of my union as benefitting a single person, but at the 2017 Council and Annual Meeting, my VSEA brothers, and sister came together to support one person–ME!

I was not able to attend Annual Meeting this year, and it was hard because I have not missed an Annual Meeting since joining VSEA. I am also chairperson of our union’s Special Events Committee, which is the best committee VSEA has. My thanks to the members of the committee for working so hard to give members the best weekend possible.

At this year’s event, due to my health issues, folks passed the hat and collected donations to support a brother in need. Donations came from people who know me, people who have heard of me and people who have no clue who I am. You don’t know how moved I was that members came together as one to give so generously.

People who know me well, know I am not an emotional person, but when I a sat there and opened my mail to find such a wonderful gift from so many caring, and loving brothers and sisters, I broke down. I do not know how to express how much it meant to me.

It didn’t matter how much was given. It was the fact that so many came together to support me.

As I write, I am becoming emotional again. So I just want to give my biggest , and most sincere, heartfelt thank you to all my union brothers and sisters."

In Solidarity
Ken Bortell

OSA Employees’ Vote To Join VSEA Featured Story On Monday’s Dave Gram Radio Show 

WDEV’s Dave Gram Show on Monday featured an interview VSEA Executive Director Steve Howard and Attorney General T.J. Donovan about the decision by Office of State’s Attorney’s employees to organize and vote overwhelmingly to join the VSEA.

Listen To The Podcast

VSEA Member Pens A Great Letter To The Editor, Blasting Ethan Allen Institute’s Anti-Union Radio Ads

VSEA Waterbury Chapter President and DPS employee Brett Pierce wrote this great letter to the editor that was recently published in the Waterbury Record. 

To the Editor:

You might have heard a radio ad by the Ethan Allen Institute targeting public sector workers. The ad encourages public workers to drop their union. I’m a public worker. I’ll be sticking with my union, and you should too.

Those of us lucky enough to be part of a union know that if we don’t stick together, we all suffer. Workers without unions can expect lower pay, worse benefits, and few workplace protections. Decades of evidence has shown us that weakening unions drives income inequality. Working people today are more productive than ever, but they’re taking home less of what they earn. That’s because wealthy oligarchs have spent decades eroding our collective bargaining rights. Without strong unions, workers make and bosses take.

Why does the Ethan Allen Institute want public workers to drop their unions? Because it’s a front group for out of state right-wing billionaires. The Ethan Allen Institute is part of the State Policy Network. It’s a pipeline for dark money from groups like Philip Morris and the Koch Brothers. These people have a financial interest in busting unions. Organized workers are harder to exploit, and worker exploitation is their business model. That’s why they’re willing to pay for ads like these, and go to such lengths to hide their involvement. They know that getting workers to drop their unions means more money for them, and less money for you.

If you work for a living, you owe it to yourself to join a union. If your workplace isn’t organized, you owe it to yourself and your coworkers to start one. Alone, you’re at the mercy of your boss. By forming a union together with your coworkers, you can bring democracy to work.

Note: Thanks Brett!

Castleton University Employees Raise Nearly $10K To Assist Family Of Deceased Colleague

On Saturday, April 6, Castleton University (CU) employees hosted a basket raffle to help the family of Lee Wiktorski; a CU colleague who recently died tragically as a result of an ice-fishing accident. 

According to VSEA member Billie Langlois, who helped coordinate the fundraiser, nearly $10,000 was raised to assist the Wiktorski family with unforeseen expenses. 

Thanks to the entire CU family for hosting the basket raffle and congratulations to all of you on your successful fundraiser for a very good cause. 

Email Sent This Week About Next Opportunity To Enroll In VSEA’s Popular Delta Dental Supplemental Plan Benefit 

An email was sent this week to VSEA members, announcing a new, open-enrollment period to participate in your union’s very popular Delta Dental Supplemental Plan. The enrollment period is also when members already in the program can amend their number of dependents also using the program, if this number has changed in the past year. 
Once received in your inbox, all enrollment forms will be due back on May 17, 2019
Note: If you are already taking advantage of this benefit, and you have no changes this year to your coverage, you do not need to send back a new form, as you will be automatically renewed

Learn More About VSEA’s Insurance Benefits


Students Hold Rally For Bennington College Workers In Advance Of Anticipated "Tough" Bargaining With Administration

Photo: Bennington Banner – Workers attend rally held in their honor

The Bennington Banner reports this morning that students attending the "elite" private Bennington College held a rally last night for 50 workers there who are preparing for "tough" negotiations with the administration.

From the story:

More than 100 students, community members and unionized employees at Bennington College jammed a performance studio Wednesday at the school’s Visual and Performing Arts Center to register sometimes emotional, often loud support for the workers.

"This is a powerful evening," said former state Rep. Kiah Morris of Bennington, a guest speaker during the 90-minute rally and speak-out event. "I just stand in awe of your courage for speaking your truth."

About 50 members of the Service Employees International Union are preparing for what they believe will be tough negotiations with the administration over a new contract. Key issues, the workers said, include pay rates that often are below what is considered a livable wage in Vermont and inadequate health care and other benefits.

Several who spoke stressed how their benefits in particular have eroded with each new contract in recent years because of higher insurance deductibles, higher premiums and other costs.

About a dozen employees of the Dining Services, Buildings and Grounds and Housekeeping departments spoke during the meeting, describing working conditions at the elite private college and their experiences trying to make ends meet, especially when hit by thousands in medical costs that are not covered by insurance.

"When I started here, we paid nothing for health care," one worker said, but rising deductibles now wipe out most of the small raises received from recent contracts.

The insurance deductible is now $5,000, workers said, which one man described as "a killer."

Note: Solidarity from VSEA!

April 27 Is Drug Take Back Day

Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Take Back Day happens twice a year as a reminder to clean out your medicine cabinets.

Gather up and dispose of expired or unused drugs which should not be flushed down the toilet, washed down the drain, composted, or left around the house. Proper disposal helps avoid harming water sources, wildlife, pets, and people. It also helps to prevent theft and misuse by others.

Find a Drop-Off Location Near You

Reserve Your Room Now For VSEA’s 2019 Annual Meeting At Okemo 

VSEA’s Annual Meeting is September 14, 2019, which is approaching quickly. The Special Events Committee is letting VSEA members know that you can reserve a room now through a special link created by Okemo.

VSEA members will need to use a special rate code for the event, which is:


Reserve Room Now Here! 

Room types available:

  • Inn Room (occupancy 2-4)
    1 to 2 nights = $159 per night
    3 nights = $144.54
  • Studio (occupancy 2-4)
    1 to 2 nights = $173 per night
    3 nights = $157.27
  • One-Bedroom (occupancy 2-6)
    1 to 2 nights = $195 per night
    3 nights = $177.63
  • Two-Bedroom (occupancy 4-6)
    1 to 2 nights = $235 per night
    3 nights = $213.63

The Committee is also sharing that there are two things members identified in the survey as important discussions to be conducted at Annual Meeting, including a review, discussion and vote on the union’s operating budget and a celebration of "surviving the Janus decision." 

The Committee is reminding members to keep an eye out in future WIAs for more 2019 Annual Meeting updates.

"Annual Meeting 2019" Facebook Event Page

Quote Of
The Week!


“It’s like whacking a hornet’s nest. I don’t see why we need to pile on to that decision.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, one of several pro-labor Republican lawmakers pushing back hard on a bill introduced by a colleague that would mandate unions to annually remind the state’s public employees of their rights under Janus–as quoted in a Capital Star story this week. 


Upcoming Meetings:


Know Your Rights Training

  • Springfield – State Office Bldg.
    Thursday, April 25

    12:00 p.m.
    118 Prospect Street
    First Floor Conference Room
    White River Junction

    Questions: Contact VSEA Organizer David Oppenheimer: doppenheimer@vsea.org


Steward Training

  • Rutland – Holiday Inn
    Thursday, April 25

    12:00 p.m.
    Holiday Inn
    145 Holiday Drive 

    Questions: Contact VSEA Administrative Assistant Sue DeVoid: sdevoid@vsea.org

Organizer’s Worksite Meeting 

  • Burlington – Zampieri Bldg.
    Thursday, April 25

    For 108 Cherry St. & 119 Pearl St. Members
    12:00 p.m.
    State Office Building
    108 Cherry Street
    Conference Room 3B

    Questions: Contact VSEA Organizer Danielle Warner:dwarner@vsea.org 


Talking Points:


Maine Lawmakers Hold Public Hearing On Bill That Would Allow State’s Public-Sector Employees To Strike

Maine television station WABI aired story Wednesday night about a public hearing state lawmakers held earlier in the day to take testimony, pro and con, on proposed legislation that would give the state’s public-sector employees the right to strike.

From the story:

The bill would guarantee public workers the ability to strike, with the exception of emergency workers like police and firefighters.

"The right to strike evens the playing field so that both sides come to the table and work extra hard to make sure that our public citizens are getting the best agreement between both sides that works for everybody," said bill sponsor Rep. Michael Sylvester, D-Portland.

Supporters of the bill say being able to strike allows public workers, particularly teachers, to have fairer negotiations.

"Nobody is going to take striking lightly," said Heather Sinclair, a middle school science teacher at Wiscasset Middle High School. "Nobody ever wants to have to take that step. But having it as a tool in the toolbox, as Rep. Sylvester said outside, would give us a little bit of a stronger voice, and I think that that voice is going to move education policy in the right direction for the whole state."

Note: The piece ends with a reminder that the bill "still faces further work."

Connecticut Nursing Home Workers’ Threaten Strike On May 1. Management Begins Recruiting Scabs 

An online site that caters to the long-term-care industry posted a story today about Connecticut nursing-home owners beginning their search for 2,500 "replacement workers" to staff 20 homes across the state, if members of the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199 SEIU, go through with a threat to strike May 1. The actual workers are seeking a 4% wage increase each year of a two-year contract. Management is balking, yet is prepared to spend potentially "millions" to hire scab labor to care for thousands of residents, some of whom are dependent on continuity of care.  

Note: More to come on this possible strike, for sure. 

NH Woman’s Campaign To Improve Public Workers’ Safety Results In OSHA-Lite, But It’s A Start

Photo: New Hampshire Union Leader

New Hampshire Department of Justice employee Samantha Wooten has been on a mission since 2016, the year her father, a Highway Department employee on the job, became trapped between a tractor and the trailer it was hauling, crushing his pelvis and killing him. 

“It is still unclear how or why my father was caught between the two machines,” she told NH Senators this week. “It crushed his pelvis. I would have thought that since this accident resulted in an untimely death, there would be an adequate investigation, but I was proven wrong. There was no investigation besides the police report.”

The drivers submitted to blood toxicology tests but no further investigation was conducted and as far as Wooten knows, no procedures were changed.

“That lack of investigation made me feel my father’s life did not mean as much as someone in the private sector, where OSHA has jurisdiction,” she testified. “I have to live every day without seeing my dad’s bright eyes and handsome smile.”

In fatal accidents, the bill requires a state Department of Labor investigation, stating, “The commissioner shall investigate the cause of death and may notify the employer of precautions to be taken that may prevent the recurrence of similar events.”

In cases of serious injury, the commissioner of labor will have the option of launching an investigation and providing safety recommendations.

Twenty-eight states have adopted an OSHA partnership with a 50-50 funding split that extends OSHA protections to public works employees, but New Hampshire is not one of them.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire’s DOL Commissioner is already sounding alarms, saying the agency welcomes the opportunity to have reporting requirements and inspection authority written into statute, but reminding that is not equipped to provide OSHA-level inspections.

“We are not OSHA. We do not have the funding and training that OSHA has,” said [the Commissioner]. “So even if this is set up, you are not going to get us doing accident reconstruction or things of that nature.”

Note: This is a prime example why Vermont was smart to establish VOSHA years ago. 

Illinois Opens  Simulation Center To Train DCFS Employees

Chicago ABC network affiliate WLS aired a story this week about the opening of a new Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Simulation Center that is part of a new training program for case workers and investigators.

From the story:

Part of [the new DCFS) training involves aspiring case workers going through multiple scenarios with trained actors to help prep them for field work. 

"This is all part of an effort by DCFS and by my administration to upgrade the training and make sure that we’re bringing the best case workers, the best-trained case workers and investigators, to the forefront to operate going forward," IL Gov. JB Pritzker said after truing the Center. 

New Hampshire Lawmakers Push To Add 77 New Employees To State’s DCYF, But Governor Isn’t On Board


The Concord Monitor reports this week that lawmakers are responding to a crisis in the state’s Division for Children, Youth, and Families by passing legislation to add 77 new employees through 2020.

Like Vermont DCF employees, NH DCYF employees complain that heavy caseloads and high turnover are two of the major reasons the legislation needs to be passed. NH’s Governor is not on the same page, floating legislation that would only pay for 26 new positions. 

From the story: 

Under the plan, 27 protective child workers and nine supervisors would be added in Fiscal Year 2020, with 30 workers and 11 supervisors added in 2020. Thirty percent of the cost would come from federal funds.

The proposed staffing increase would be major increase to DCYF, which currently has 129 child protection service worker positions, counting vacancies. And it comes as the agency – thrust in the spotlight in recent years after a series of child deaths – has pressed to move beyond its days of heavy workload and high turnover.

New Study Casts Doubts On Savings From Workplace Wellness Programs 

Governing posted a story this week about workplace wellness programs and a new study that found "they don’t cut costs for employers, reduce absenteeism or improve workers’ health."

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago and Harvard, using workers at random BJ’s Wholesale Club stores nationwide as a test pool. 

From the story:

After 18 months, it turned out that yes, workers participating in the wellness programs self-reported healthier behavior, such as exercising more or managing their weight better than those not enrolled.

But the efforts did not result in differences in health measures, such as improved blood sugar or glucose levels; how much employers spent on health care; or how often employees missed work, their job performance or how long they stuck around in their jobs.

“The optimistic interpretation is there is no way we can get improvements in health or more efficient spending if we don’t’ first have changes in health behavior,” said one study author, Katherine Baicker, dean of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. (Dr. Zirui Song, an assistant professor of health policy and medicine at Harvard Medical School, was its co-author.)

“But if employers are offering these programs in hopes that health spending and absenteeism will go down, this study should give them pause,” Baicker said.

This Week:

VSEA BOT Calls On VSEA Members To Support Stop & Shop Striking Workers By Boycotting Sister Grocery Store Hannaford

Short Survey: What Time Would You Like WIA To Publish On Friday’s?

VSEA 2019 Election Materials Being Mailed May 1

VSEA Leader & Activist Ken Bortell Passes Away. Service Is Tomorrow

OSA Employees’ Vote To Join VSEA Featured Story On Monday’s Dave Gram Radio Show 

VSEA Member Pens A Great Letter To The Editor, Blasting Ethan Allen Institute’s Anti-Union Radio Ads

Castleton University Employees Raise Nearly $10K To Assist Family Of Deceased Colleague

Email Sent This Week About Next Opportunity To Enroll In VSEA’s Popular Delta Dental Supplemental Plan Benefit 

Students Hold Rally For Bennington College Workers In Advance Of Anticipated "Tough" Bargaining With Administration

April 27 Is Drug Take Back Day

Reserve Your Room Now For VSEA’s 2019 Annual Meeting At Okemo




April 20
Ken Bortell Memorial Service 
530 Exchange Street
3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

April 21
Happy Easter! 

April 23
VSCSF Executive Board Meeting 
155 State Street
9:00 a.m. 

April 23
Legislative Committee Teleconference 
7:00 p.m.

April 25
Organizer’s Worksite Meeting – Burlington
For 108 Cherry St. & 119 Pearl St. Members

State Office Building
108 Cherry Street
Conference Room 3B
12:00 p.m. 

April 25
Know Your Rights Training – White River Junction
State Office Building
118 Prospect Street
First Floor Conference Room
White River Junction
12:00 p.m.

April 26
Steward Training – Rutland
Holiday Inn
475 Holiday Drive
8:30 a.m.

May 1
International Workers’ Day

May 1
Deadline To Submit Bylaw Change Proposal(s)


Talking Points:


Maine Lawmakers Hold Public Hearing On Bill That Would Allow State’s Public-Sector Employees To Strike

Connecticut Nursing Home Workers’ Threaten Strike On May 1. Management Begins Recruiting Scabs 

NH Woman’s Campaign To Improve Public Workers’ Safety Results In OSHA-Lite, But It’s A Start

Illinois Opens  Simulation Center To Train DCFS Employees

New Hampshire Lawmakers Push To Add 77 New Employees To State’s DCYF, But Governor Isn’t On Board

New Study Casts Doubts On Savings From Workplace Wellness Programs 




May 1 Is The Deadline To Submit Bylaw Changes

Negotiations Training Scheduled May 3 For VSEA Bargaining Team Members

VSEA Schedules 2019 “Day At Fenway” Event For Saturday, June 8!​

Negotiations Training Scheduled May 3 For VSEA Bargaining Team Members

2019 Legislative Session Online Hub

Need To Contact A VSEA Staff Person Directly But Need The Number?​

State Employees Who Are Threatened On The Job Should File "eAlert" Form

VSEA Scholarship Application Deadline Is May 8!​

VSEA Membership Drive 2019 Now Underway!

Told You’re Being Investigated?
Watch This Video!

"Protect Your Pension" Meeting Video

What You Should Know About The Anti-Worker Janus v. AFSCME U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Getting Ready To Retire? Retired Already? Join The VSEA Retired Members’ Chapter!

What Is The VSEA Advantage Program?


May 1 
Is The Deadline
To Submit Bylaw Changes

The deadline to submit proposals for changes to VSEA’s Master Bylaws is Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Proposals must be mailed to: Tim Belcher, General Counsel, c/o VSEA Headquarters, 155 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602.

Proposals should reference the number, section, sub-section, etc. of the bylaw you would like to change. You should also include the language you want to add, delete or substitute. Also include the reason(s) you are making this proposal.  Example:  “Bylaw 0 A (1) (b) Change: Monday to Sunday. Reason: Makes it easier to work with the calendar.”

Please be sure the changes you are recommending include all Articles and/or Bylaws that may be affected by the proposed change.

If you have questions, please contact Tim by email at tbelcher@vsea.org.

Negotiations Training Scheduled May 3 For VSEA Bargaining Team Members

Seems like the last round of negotiations with the State just wrapped up, but it’s already time to begin the process all over again, which is why VSEA Labor Relations Director Gary Hoadley sent this notice this week to VSEA Unit Bargaining Team members.

VSEA Bargaining Teams’ Negotiating Training 

Friday, May 3, 2019
Registration 8:30 a.m.
Training 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Lunch provided!
Steak House Restaurant
1239 US Route 302
Barre-Montpelier Road
Barre, Vermont
To Register: Please confirm your attendance by Friday, April 19, 2019, by contacting VSEA Administrative Assistant Susan DeVoid at 802-223-5247 or by email at sdevoid@vsea.org.

VSEA Schedules 2019 “Day At Fenway” Event For Saturday, June 8!

Saturday, June 8

Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays

$111.00 Per Person. Includes a ride to the park and a ticket to the game.

Bus Pick-Up Locations: 
Waterbury – 7:00 am 
White River Junction – 8:00 am 

To Purchase Tickets, or if you have questions, please contact either: Bob South at VSEA: 
bsouth@vsea.org, 802- 223-5247 or Sue DeVoid at VSEA: 
sdevoid@vsea.org, 802-223-5247. 

Payment must be received before tickets are released. 

No refunds on purchased tickets.

2019 Legislative Session Online Hub

A collection of resources, reports, and tools to help VSEA members navigate the Vermont Legislative Session.

Clicking on the hub’s main link, members and retirees are taken to a page that lists a number of options to click on, including:

The hub will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Need To Contact A VSEA Staff Person Directly But Need The Number? 

VSEA HQ is reminding members and retirees of each staff person’s direct phone number, in the event you know who you need to talk with but you don’t know their direct phone number.

Here’s the staff direct line list

State Employees Who Are Threatened On The Job Should File "eAlert" Form

We are reminding members that there is an online form to fill out if you are threatened while at work

Find The State’s “eAlert” Homepage Here
Important: Once you land on the eAlert page, you will see an entry labeled “threat” in the menu provided. Click on it and you land on a page with written instructions and fields to complete.
In November 2017, the current Secretary of the Administration sent the State’s “Workplace Safety and Security” policy to state employees, and VSEA members are encouraged to read through the different policies, examples and responses, prior to an actual event occurring.

VSEA Scholarship Application Deadline Is May 8!

Each spring, the VSEA Awards & Scholarship Committee solicits scholarship applications from VSEA members, retirees, and their spouses, dependents and domestic partners. The application process is easy, requiring the applicant to write a couple of short essays as well as provide a grade history, employment history, personal references and a few other things. 

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 8.

Download an application here (opens/ downloads a PDF)

VSEA Membership Drive 2019
Now Underway!

Strength In Numbers!

A reminder that your union’s 2019 membership-recruitment drive is underway. Rewards for recruiting new members between now and September 1!

  • 2 new members – Dunkin Donuts gift card;
  • 5 new members – VSEA insulated coffee mug; or
  • 10 new members – $50 VISA gift card!

Bonus! Recruit a new member and receive an entry in a drawing to win one of four $300 prizes to be awarded at VSEA’s 2019 Annual Meeting! Each new recruit earns you an additional entry! Just be sure to have your recruits add your name in the "Recruited By" line of the VSEA Membership Application.
More Membership Drive Information Here!

Need a quick reference to help with your recruiting? You can view an informational webpage with some recruitment tips and advice here.

If you have any questions, or want a list of non-members in your area, please contact VSEA Director of Operations and Organizing Amy Kinsell by email: akinsell@vsea.org

Told You’re Being Investigated? Watch This Video!

It is important that every VSEA member knows his or her rights when it comes to union representation in investigatory meetings. Union representation at these meetings is a cornerstone of the labor movement. Your right to representation—as outlined in your contract and, in some cases, labor law—can be complicated.

Please take a few minutes on a break to watch the video, and know that the information being relayed could very well save your job someday. Remember, as a VSEA member, you are entitled to no-cost representation in investigatory meetings that may lead to discipline. Non-members, however, must now pay a rate of $250 to $350 per-hour for the same level of representation!

More: Know Your Union Rights

Not currently a VSEA member?
You can sign up online.

"Protect Your Pension" Meeting Video

This video is for VSEA members only. To view it you must be logged into your VSEA.org user account. If you do not have a VSEA.org account, please sign up for a free account here.

Watch the presentation online

What You Should Know About The Anti-Worker Janus v. AFSCME U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

If you haven’t already, begin educating yourself today about what the Janus decision means—or supplement what you know already. Please also inform your co-workers about this Janus page and talk with them about what you learned and remind them of the importance of a union in their everyday life. You could make a difference. Every study shows that nothing is more effective than member-to-member communication.​

Learn More On VSEA.org

Getting Ready To Retire? Retired Already? Join The VSEA Retired Members’ Chapter!

Long-time VSEA activist and leader Terry Lefebvre asked Council members getting ready to retire to join the VSEA Retirees’ Chapter to continue to be an active and engaged union member, even in retirement. Lefebvre also appealed to Council members to talk up the Chapter to co-workers they know who might be preparing to retire. 
With a possible fight looming on retirement security, Lefebvre stressed the importance to build the Chapter to be able to mobilize large numbers of past state workers to protect and defend the benefits they bargained to win over decades.

If you already belong to the Retired Members’ Chapter, a big thanks to you.
Learn More Here About The VSEA Retired Members’ Chapter

What is the VSEA Advantage Program?

Did you know?
The average VSEA member can save hundreds of dollars a year by taking advantage of some of the Members Only benefits offered through their union!


It’s free, just for being a Vermont State Employees’ Association PerksConnect member!

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