VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: March 31, 2023!

Vermonters Let VSC Board Know They Are Opposed To Administration’s Library Decision

VSEA Legislative Team Sends Action Alert To Save The VTSU (Formally VSC) Libraries

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Monday, April 3 Is The Deadline To Submit Bylaw Changes

Celebrating VSEA Social Workers!

Mark The Date VSEA Council Members!

Have A Union-Made Easter!

Dr’s Commentary Warns Against Medicare Advantage

Article Details How State’s Choice To Administer A Medicare Advantage Plan Is All About Denying Claims

Group G Coming This Spring – Certain Corrections and Mental Health Workers Can Choose A New Retirement Plan!

The 2023 VSEA Scholarship Application Deadline Is May 5!

Solidarity Stories:

ALERT! Support Goddard Staff Rally Tomorrow, Saturday, April 1, From 11 AM – 2 PM On The State House Lawn!

April 12 “Courage To Care” Rally

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ACTION ALERT! Call TODAY to Save VTSU Libraries!

We need your help to save the libraries of Vermont State University. Please take 30 seconds right now to leave a message for your senators, and ask them to “keep the VTSU libraries open in their current form!”

This is an issue that may be decided by a razor-thin margin, and your senator may be the one that casts the deciding vote to keep the libraries open.

Call (802) 828-2228 to leave a message, or send an e-mail NOW. You can find your legislators here.

Learn more by visiting the Save Our Libraries webpage on VSEA.org

VSC Board Gets An Earful From Public About Administrator’s Library Decision

The Times Argus recently covered Saturday’s VSC Board of Trustees meeting in Montpelier, where, during the public comment portion of the meeting, Board members received a lot of blowback for the administration’s recent library decision. Pictured here is VSEA VSC Unit Chair Billie Neathawk delivering her remarks to the Board opposing the plan.

From the Argus story:

Community members questioned why those within the system would seek feedback and input from them on certain topics, like libraries, when that input is ignored. They urged the board to listen to them and their desire to keep books in libraries. They talked about the damage this announcement has already caused to recruitment efforts, noting the announcement was made at a critical time in recruitment.


Plainfield resident Glenda Bissex said while she had taught at Johnson previously, she was there to represent the community. Bissex said she was dismayed the sign-in sheet for the meeting asked the participant what institution they were part of and their title, as if the board did not want nor expect to hear from the community.

Support Striking Goddard College Employees! Sign The Workers’ Petition

VSEA is encouraging members and retirees to support striking Goddard College employees, who called for the action last Friday after talks broke down on increasing workers’ wages. Members of the Goddard College Staff Union say college administrators want workers to give up their right to negotiate working conditions in exchange for a three-percent wage increase.

“VSEA stands with striking Goddard College workers in their fight for fair and competitive wages,” says VSEA Second Vice President Leslie Matthews. “The administration’s counter to give up negotiating rights is ludicrous and extreme, to say the least.” She adds, “VSEA will be helping these workers however we can.”

Sign a Petition “For a Just, Democratic, and Thriving Goddard College”

The Goddard College staff’s picket line is in the upper parking lot at the main entrance (not Pratt entrance) on route 214. The address is 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfield, VT. Keep up-to-date with the latest on the workers’ Facebook page here.

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