VSEA’s Week In Action Newsletter: December 2, 2022!

VSEA Board Issues Statement On Congress’ Imposing Contract On Railroad Workers

December 15 Is The Deadline For Chance To Win Holiday Gift Basket

2023 Legislative Session Is Coming. What Should VSEA’s Priorities Be?

Springfield Chapter President Spearheading Campaign To Address Understaffing

One Month Remains In 1st Annual Will Wells Memorial Food Drive Challenge

VSEA Looks For Member To Serve On State Web Portal Board

Get Your Free Travelers Quote With A VSEA Member Discount!

VSEA Benefits Administrator Reminds Of Available Insurance Options For Members & Retirees!

Solidarity Stories:

New Hampshire Sounding Alarm About Understaffing Across State Government

Audit Reveals “Widespread Overcharges” In Payments To Medicare Advantage Plans

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2023 Legislative Session Is Coming. What Should VSEA’s Priorities Be?

The VSEA Legislative Committee needs your help before next Tuesday to help create your union’s 2023 draft legislative agenda. The Legislative Committee uses member and retiree feedback to shape the recommendations it passes on to the Board of Trustees to decide  VSEA’s legislative priorities— issues that VSEA will fight for at the State House.

The committee wants to hear from you! Please take 30 seconds and click the big green button below to let them know what you would like the committee to consider for this session’s proposed legislative priorities.

Committee members will discuss your suggestion(s) at their upcoming meetings to set the legislative agenda. Or, if the issue you raise is one that VSEA’s Field Department or Bargaining Teams are best suited to address, the committee will forward it along to them.

Please complete this survey by Monday, December 5, 2022. Thank you!

Please Note: VSEA.org login is required to view this survey. VSEA members and retirees who do not already have a VSEA.org account may request one for free on VSEA.org.

VSEA’s 2023 Legislative Priorities Survey

VSEA Board Issues Statement On Congress’ Imposing Contract On Railroad Workers

At its meeting today, the VSEA Board of Trustees drafted and adopted a statement of support for America’s railroad workers, who were preparing to strike if not granted paid sick leave,

Here’s the statement:

The Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA) is appalled by the decision of the U.S. Senate to impose a contract on thousands of railroad workers who wanted nothing more than paid sick leave. Most VSEA Board members remember when state employees had a contract imposed on us. We know the anger and disgust these workers are feeling today, and we stand strongly in solidarity with our railroad brothers and sisters nationwide.

The Senate’s vote to impose a contract and deny the railroad workers’ right to strike was a win for the boss, plain and simple. The railroad companies have been enjoying exceptional profits yet are unwilling to share that success with the workers who actually keep the trains on track. In a day and age when more and more young Americans are gravitating to the labor movement, this terrible move by Congress smacks in the face of the Democratic Party’s alleged support for the American worker.

One Month Remains In 1st Annual Will Wells Memorial Food Drive Challenge!

Last month, VSEA launched the first-ever Will Wells Memorial Food Drive Challenge, inviting VSEA members in Chapters statewide to participate by raising as much money as possible between now and December 31 for the Vermont Foodbank. There is still one more month remaining! Which VSEA Chapter will win this year’s Food Drive Challenge bragging rights?

The total amount of money VSEA donated to the Foodbank in 2021 was $7,000, and VSEA’s Chittenden Chapter raised the most for the second year in a row! Will they win again for the third year in a row?

Want to help boost your VSEA Chapter’s donation total? Donate online or find out how to donate by mail here.

Help your Chapter win by sharing this post with your colleagues. Thank you in advance for your donations to this great cause!

Here are the Chapter totals to date (December 1, 2022, 1:30 PM).

New Hampshire Sounding Alarm About Understaffing Across State Government

“Commissioners came forward, one by one for 15 minutes each Tuesday, to go over their budget requests for the next two years and were consistently asked what are the biggest challenges they face.

While concerns such as supply chain issues, inflationary costs, interest rates, huge utility increases, and post-COVID-19 realities have been identified, staffing level concerns were almost universal.”

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