VT Senate Votes Unanimously In Favor Of House’s Year-One Wage & Step Increase For State Employees


The Vermont Senate just conducted a roll-call vote on the House amendment to provide state employees with year one of their negotiated wage and step increases. The vote was unanimous in favor of state employees in the Non-Management, Corrections, Supervisory, Judicial and Defender General Units getting the increase in year one of the contract.

The increase now lands on the Governor’s desk for his signature, as part of the overall budget proposal.

The Legislature’s plan reads that it will take up the issue of funding year two of the Non-Management, Corrections, Supervisory, State’s Attorneys, and Judicial Unit contracts at a later date. This could be in the fall, or it could be this coming winter when the new Legislature convenes in January 2021. Either way, VSEA is counting on your continued support in the continued fight for full funding of the negotiated contract.

Nice work VSEA!

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