VSEA Wins First Organizing Election Of Vermont District State’s Attorneys’ Workers

April 28, 2016



VSEA is thrilled to announce that 20+ District State’s Attorney’s workers in the Chittenden office officially voted for VSEA representation this afternoon!

Congratulations to these workers and welcome to the VSEA family!

Here’s some background about how the workers finally got to an election:

In January 2016, the Vermont Supreme Court overturned a 2014 ruling by the Vermont Labor Relation Board that DSAs, Victims Advocates and Secretaries in the State’s Attorneys Offices cannot be organized under either the under the Municipal Labor Relations Act (MERA) or the State Employee Labor Relations Act (SELRA). The Court ruled they could under MERA. At the time, VSEA President Dave Bellini said, “This is an important victory for VSEA and working Vermonters, as it addresses a number of significant labor law questions and allows VSEA to now organize most of the employees in State’s Attorneys Offices. Under the Court’s ruling, we’ll have to do it on a county-by-county basis in in offices with five or more workers, but it’s a start.”

Here are additional DSA elections that VSEA’s Organizing Department has scheduled so far:

Franklin – May 6
Rutland – May 12
Windsor – May 13



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