VSEA VSH Members Need Your Help! Please Support The Morrisville Option For An Interim State Hospital!

The Genesis Nursing Home is sitting empty in Morrisville. A recent proposal was made to use the facility as an interim State Hospital while a new 25-bed facility is constructed in central VT (plan still subject to change). The Morrisville location will provide temporary employment for displaced VSH caregivers while a new State facility is built. Without the Morrisville option, there are no other real options on the table, outside of allowing VT’s entire mental health system to be privatized–at least until a new hospital is built.  

VSEA members (especially those living in Lamoille County) can help more than 200 displaced VSH state employees by writing a letter/note with your support for the Morrisville option to the Morrisville newspaper (edit@newsandcitizen.com) or to a member of the Lamoille Community Connections Board or a Morrisville Selectboard member . Thanks in advance for your help!