VSEA: The Choice For Vermont Corrections Employees

VSEA Has The Power To Protect And Enhance Your Retirement

It is crucial that VSEA members stay united to win the fight against pension cuts and to get DOC frontline staff the full retirement at 20 years and age 55 you deserve. VSEA has and is making your retirement a top priority. The politicians want to cut your pension, the only reason they have not already done it is because of the power, the bold leadership, and substantial influence of VSEA. The NEPBA would be starting from scratch with no presence in the Vermont State House and no relationships with the decision-makers who will determine the future of your retirement. Winning this fight will require experience, unity, and bold leadership. It will take boots on the ground and a lot more than just sending a letter to Vermont from Massachusetts.

By law, VSEA has seats on the Retirement Board and on the Pension Task Force; The NEPBA does not– and will not likely ever have a seat. Your voice under the NEPBA will be so much weaker. 

VSEA Is A Powerful Vermont Union

The NEPBA is an out-of-state, Massachusetts union with very little influence or power within the State of Vermont. Most of their members are outside of Vermont and will not have the same clout as the VSEA, with nearly 6,000 Vermonters who are VSEA members. VSEA has far more power and influence with the State Legislature, at the bargaining table and enforcing the contract than a small out-of-state union.

VSEA has a Vermont headquarters, staffed by 21 experienced and talented Vermonters with decades of experience who care about what happens to you! Together they are an effective team who work tirelessly on your behalf, bargaining, negotiating, enforcing, organizing, researching, communicating, and lobbying. 

VSEA Has The Experience And Power To Win At The Bargaining Table

The NEPBA has never bargained in Vermont with an employer that has the staff and resources like the State of Vermont. Negotiations with a small, less well-funded municipality are not the same. Under the NEPBA, you may have to start all over with the State of Vermont and your contract may not be as strong. 

VSEA Is A Democratic, Member-driven Organization, You Have A Stronger Voice In A Vermont Union

VSEA offers members in DOC the ability to participate in the direction, policy, and philosophy of their union. Right now, The VSEA Board of Trustees has five members who work for DOC; you have the opportunity to serve on the VSEA Council that can overrule the Board of Trustees on issues you care about. You have the ability to elect your leadership. You won’t be just one seat on the governing structure of a regional organization. You have the power to influence and direct the union you have right now without the risk of starting over with a small, untested, out-of-state union.

The fight to end the staffing crisis, end the old-boy network in DOC, and for better working conditions, pay and benefits continues every day. VSEA is already well engaged in the fight and making strides. Switching to a risky out-of-state union may just erase the progress that has been made.

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