VSEA Review Finds 33 GOP Lawmakers Flipped Their Budget Vote In Favor Of Partisan Politics

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June 19, 2018  

June 19, 2018  



A cursory review of the roll call budget vote in May (H. 924) versus today (H. 13) finds that more than 30 GOP lawmakers flip flopped on their budget vote, initially voting to approve the budget and then flipping to a no vote today. 

Here is a list of GOP flippers:

Bancroft of Westford
Baser of Bristol
Beck of St. Johnsbury
Beyor of Highgate
Brennan of Colchester
Canfield of Fair Haven
Donahue of Northfield
Fagan of Rutland City
Feltus of Lyndon
Gage of Rutland City
Harrison of Chittenden
Helm of Fair Haven
Higley of Lowell
Juskiewicz of Cambridge
LaClair of Barre Town
Lawrence of Lyndon
Lefebvre of Newark
Lewis of Berlin
Marcotte of Coventry
Martel of Waterford
Mattos of Milton
McFaun of Barre Town
Morrissey of Bennington
Myers of Essex
Nolan of Morristown 
Norris of Shoreham
Scheuermann of Stowe
Shaw of Pittsford
Smith of New Haven
Strong of Albany
Viens of Newport City
Willhoit of St. Johnsbury
Wright of Burlington

VSEA members and retirees who live in one of these member’s districts are urged to call your representative and hold s/he responsible for a government shutdown. Find
your representative(s) contact information here.

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