VSEA Rallying Cry Is Now “FUND IT!”

April 20, 2016



The Fifth Floor sabres are already rattling. Nothing says support and respect for the process, for state employees and for Vermont, like this lovely musing from Secretary of the Administration Justin Johnson:

“At the end of the day, the biggest challenge, particularly this late in the year, is that this proposal … adds something like $11 million to costs. If someone has $11 million stashed away somewhere, I’d be really interested in knowing where it is.”

You see now the posturing that your VSEA Bargaining Teams were up against this entire way.

BTW: The Teams are only "this late in the process" because the Shumlin Administration couldn’t see the writing on the wall weeks ago (or months ago, as Brother Bob Stone points out), which most likely cost taxpayers thousands by dragging out the process.



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