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“Public sector employees will continue to face job challenges in the years ahead. The impact the federal cuts to funding, outsourcing of American jobs, privatization of public services, the healthcare crisis and threats to our pensions, will all overshadow the future of our working lives. How we, as union members, respond to and meet these challenges depends upon the strength of the VSEA members, speaking with a strong united voice. Your membership is important. Join us in protecting your rights and workplace dignity”  

-VSEA Board Of Trustees

VSEA is a non-profit, member-directed labor union, representing over 8,000 public sector workers in Vermont. We represent employees of Vermont State Government, Vermont State Colleges, Vermont Judiciary, Defender General’s Office and Vermont State Housing Authority. VSEA is dedicated to the goal of improving the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members through contract negotiations, contract enforcement, legislative lobbying, membership training and education, and organizing workers to be stronger together. The VSEA membership control all policies, procedures and budget of the union.

VSEA was formed in 1944 by state employees. In those early years, VSEA focused on achieving positive legislation for state employees. In 1969, with passage of the State Employees’ Labor Relations Act, workers were given the right to form a union and collectively bargain. In 1977, the law was amended to allow bargaining over wages. Ever since the passage of that law, VSEA has negotiated significant wage and benefit improvements, and ensured legislative appropriations to fund our contracts, retirement and programs.

Working together, VSEA members have achieved improvements to wages and benefits, job security, retirement provisions, and other important job protections.

VSEA’s Record: A Partial List of Accomplishments Since 1944
Through our union we have:

  • Collective bargaining agreements that protect and promote your working rights;
  • Yearly cost-of-living adjustments, and a longevity step plan, to improve wages;
  • Comprehensive health and dental insurance, including benefits for domestic partners;
  • Double-your-salary life insurance;
  • Secure retirement plans with protections for disability;
  • Guaranteed maternity/paternity, adoption and family leave;
  • A strong grievance procedure to guarantee your rights;
  • Job security through seniority provisions in RIF (layoff) and mandatory recall rights; and
  • Immunity from personal lawsuit while performing your job duties.

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