VSEA Mourns The Loss Of State Employee Shawn Stocker, Who Died Serving Vermonters As A Guardsman

VSEA’s thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and co-workers of Shawn!

VSEA members might remember that Stocker, a Guard member, was forced to file a grievance against the DOC in 2010 beause he was ordered to use his 15 days of contractually mandated military leave up front, as opposed to spreading it throughout the year. (READ STOCKER AP STORY HERE). Stocker prevailed, ensuring no other state employees who belong to the military are subject to treatment like that given Stocker. Thanks for having the courage to fight for what was right Shawn!

Note: Sadly, the AP story about Stocker was written by Vermont Associated Press reporter John Curran, who passed away suddenly last weekend and was laid to rest today. VSEA’s condolences also go out to the Vermont AP family and John’s family and friends.