VSEA Members: See A Trend Here??

If his campaign is any indication of how he will govern Vermont, out-of-state contractors should do well here under Brian Dubie.

Dubie’s campaign includes:

a) An out-of-state campaign manager (Peter Shumlin employs a  Vermonter;
b) Out-of-state vendor to produce campaign ads and conduct media buys; and
c) An out-of-state website development firm (
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The website that Brian Dubie launched recently to attack Peter Shumlin was created by Harris Media in Austin, Texas, and, unfortunately, is no longer \extraordinary\ in today’s world of poltics.

It apparently is part of the package you get when you hire this Republican communications firm which specializes in assassinating Democratic candidates.

Here’s another example of their work — http://www.virginiasbeltwaybandit.com/ — and here’s the link to their facebook page where they list all their victims like notches on their gun — http://www.facebook.com/#!/HarrisMediaLLC?v=wall