VSEA Members/ Retirees Invited To Participate In June 6 “Budget Fight” Telephone Q&A With House Speaker and Lt. Governor

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Lt. Governor David Zuckerman are reaching out to VSEA members and retirees to participate in a telephone Q&A tomorrow, June 6, concerning the Legislature’s current fight with the State to pass a budget. Johnson and Zuckerman want to hear what’s on the mind of frontline state workers, with respect to a potential government shutdown, and talk with VSEA members and retirees about how you can help lawmakers stop the State from vetoing “sensible budgets.”

Budget Fight Q&A w/House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Lt. Governor David Zuckerman
June 6, 12:00 p.m.

VSEA members and retirees can find the conference call phone number and entry code by clicking here. (Log-In Required) 


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